My colleague, Nadim, asked me this morning whether I know why so many people are posting this weird “head banging” purple bird on Facebook? I answered “Nah, I don’t” but I was just like him, wondering as much, what is this purple bird about?

Animated Trash Dove

Then during the day I found that The Verge wrote about it.

The purple birds are called “Trash Doves” which come from a set of Facebook stickers made by artist Syd Weiler.

The Trash Doves went viral only after this music video was posted in Thailand last week.

The craze for the purple “trash dove” has even inspired memes and other animated gifs with funny variations.

After all I guess that is what social networks is about, people not necessarily knowing why they are doing what they doing but sometimes only jump on a crowded wagon and cheer.

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