We had a team lunch today and I was told that we’d go to a restaurant in Trou aux Biches, called Chez Marco. That’s how the restaurant is mostly known in the region, while it’s name is actually La Voglia Matta.

The big happy moment came when we saw the size of the family pizza that we ordered. We took the “four cheese” and it was delicious!

Family pizza large, Chez Marco, Mauritius

Now that you’ve seen it too, you know where to find the largest pizza in Mauritius.

One more interesting thing; next to the counter I saw a Tripadvisor “certificate of excellence” that the restaurant was awarded in 2014. I suppose then I am not alone to feel that La Voglia Matta (Chez Marco) is a great place to have great food, especially if pizza is what you’re looking for.