Group Photo, LUGM meeting, L’Escalier - 15 June 2013

It started as just a small meeting with some students seeking Linux information. Yet, now it seems we’re heading to some geeko party.

Yes, in my previous post I wrote how we had an informal Linux meetup last Saturday. We had decided to meet the Saturday after to continue with some knowledge sharing. I was supposed to give them more details about the openSUSE Advocate program as well.

However, as Jochen stipulated on facebook, I backed off from creating another user group for openSUSE. Instead I’ll put the energy in the existing LUG Mauritius and continue to evangelize openSUSE. It’s not a bad idea after all. I should thank the LUGM team as well for the encouragement.

So, finally here we are with an upcoming mini-meetup on Saturday 17 August 2013 around 15h00 at Mugg & Bean, Bagatelle.

The meetup will focus on :

  • Introducing LUGM to new members & students
  • A brief intro about Linux, Free Software & open licenses
  • Presentation on openSUSE Advocate Program

RSVP & comments on the Facebook event page.