CCID investigates fake biometric ID card case

In the morning of Friday 1 December 2017 I saw a few people writing about a fake biometric ID card case on Facebook. It all started after it was reported1 on the radio. It’s reported that fraudsters attempted to retrieve money from the State Bank of Mauritius and the Mauritius Commercial Bank using fake biometric identity cards. Thanks to the bank officials who promptly alerted police the people involved in the scam network were apprehended. [Read More]

How to replace a damaged photo in your driving license?

If your photo on your driving license is damaged you cannot just remove it and replace it with another. In fact, if you look closely at the photo you should notice the mark of the Mauritius Police Force that is part on your license and part on the photo. Replacing the photo with another will only make it appear like a fraudulent document; which in fact amounts to crime. Why am I writing this? [Read More]

Police gain unnecessary power with amendments in the Prevention of Terrorism bill

It’s as if the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002 was not strict enough, that now, the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth favours additional powers be given to police. The most worrying part is the amendment to Section 6 of the Act with the addition of sub-section 3 as follows: (3) A police officer may, without warrant, arrest a person who, in a public place – (a) wears an item of clothing; or [Read More]