City Council of Barcelona switches from Microsoft Windows to Linux

For about almost a decade the German city of Munich remained a pioneer of “Linux migration” when it would come to the public sector institutions. It was a big win1 for the open source software community. Munich even had its own brewed Linux distribution called LiMux2, the “M” standing for Munich. In late 2017 though news3 came that the Munich city council decided to roll-back to Microsoft. While that was definitely a saddening news for the community, around the same time the Spanish city of Barcelona decided to adopt open source software. [Read More]

Open source for enterprises

The National Computer Board organized a two-day workshop on open source for enterprises which kicked off on Thursday 11 May 2017 at Le Meridien, Pte aux Piments. A few members of the Linux User Group of Mauritius received the invitation to the workshop. Not everyone attended though. Pritvi, Ajay, Nirvan and I attended the workshop as members of the Linux User Group. As I arrived, Vik Bhoyroo, Executive Director of the National Computer Board, was reading the welcome note. [Read More]

How to make a selfie?

Sunday is usually the day when I have random geek moments. Ok, what’s that? It’s the scientific term I use to describe my vivid wish of doing something different. After preparing laptops for Corsair Hackers Reboot earlier this morning, my quest for doing something different got intensified. I looked around for ideas and saw my camera on the table. Good! Let’s do something with this. How about a vintage selfie? Ahaan… The word selfie itself will pull many readers here. [Read More]

LUGM meetup, Software Licensing

Many times on LUGM facebook group we had fierce debates over GPL and BSD-license. Flame-wars sprouted very often, some times even from an innocent status we might have put. Therefore a few weeks ago it was decided that we have a meetup that will ensure clarifying misconceptions regarding software licenses. The date was announced to be 15th March 2014 at the convenience of everybody. Selven & Logan were to talk about Lesser Restrictive Licenses in particular the BSD-license and Ajay volunteered to share his knowledge about the General Public License (GPL), in particular GPLv2. [Read More]

Download & build Chromium OS

As it’s a tradition now on weekends I get on with some sporadic project. Since last evening I plugged my laptop for a Chromium OS adventure. I started by going through the documentation on the website. I installed the required tools on my openSUSE machine to get Chromium OS source & start building. sudo zypper in git subversion curl Before you proceed further you will need a package of scripts called depot_tools. [Read More]

Linuxfest 2013 – Highlights

On the 7th October 2013 I sent the following message to LUGM’s mailing list. Hello folks, After several pings I finally got a date from the UoM Computer Club. They checked & double-checked with registrar and the only date they could get is 25th November. So … How about throwing a Linux party on that day @ Octave Wiehe Auditorium? During the past MSCC & LUGM meetups I’ve been talking about this event which will aim at getting Linux to the general public. [Read More]

Set up keyboard layout applet in Cinnamon 2.0

As I continue exploring Cinnamon 2.0 features (on openSUSE 13.1) I noticed the keyboard layout setting wouldn’t function as expected. For some weird reason I couldn’t add Hindi (Bolnagri) layout although this is present in the GNOME session. I also tried setting it up using gnome-control-center instead of Cinnamon settings but didn’t work. A little bit of Google search & I found many people reporting the issue. Some folks resorted to adding their required keyboard layout directly to the X11 configuration. [Read More]

openSUSE 13.1 RC2 GNOME Live

openSUSE 13.1 RC2 came out today! Could see some awesome bug-hunting moments ahead. I didn’t waste time & fired the download page. Thought I’d start with the Live editions and I downloaded GNOME Live 64bit. I dd’ed the nearly 1GB image to a pendrive. Oh! What’s dd’ed? See it in action here. :) I first tried a Live session on my test notebook, that’s an HP Compaq 6515b model. GRUB shows up correctly… then, oops, GNOME desktop loads but with broken display. [Read More]

Mkahawa – Cybercafé Billing Software

Last night someone pinged me on facebook regarding Mkahawa installation. I was feeling tired & being on-call for work I didn’t want to be in a kaput state later if the work mobile rings. I kept the fun for today. ####What is Mkahawa? It is a cybercafé managemet/billing software, which is free & open source. It’s written in C & C++ and is available for Linux, Mac & Windows. The source codes are available at sourceforge. [Read More]

SolusOS 2 Alpha 9

I was introduced to SolusOS by a colleague at work. That was a few months ago. I was very much impressed with the distribution; it was fast & responsive. SolusOS 1 was based on Debian. The project founder, Ikey Doherty, is also the mastermind behind LMDE. Shortly after, development of SolusOS 2 was announced. From time to time I checked their website to see what’s happening. Last week SolusOS 2 Alpha 9 was released. [Read More]