MNIC officer accuses Police of forced confession in fake biometric ID Card case

A case related to a fake biometric ID card was reported last1 December. It was big news because if the card issued was indeed biometric & similar to the ones issued by the MNIC, then it would be extremely difficult for someone to deduce it’s fake without a card reader to authenticate a biometric reading. There were arrests but no further information came through media regarding the police investigation that followed; until today. [Read More]

CCID investigates fake biometric ID card case

In the morning of Friday 1 December 2017 I saw a few people writing about a fake biometric ID card case on Facebook. It all started after it was reported1 on the radio. It’s reported that fraudsters attempted to retrieve money from the State Bank of Mauritius and the Mauritius Commercial Bank using fake biometric identity cards. Thanks to the bank officials who promptly alerted police the people involved in the scam network were apprehended. [Read More]

NIC Act of Mauritius to be amended

While announcing legislation amendments, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, referred to amendments in the National Identity Card Act of Mauritius. Item C.7 of the Budget 2017-18 speech says: The National Identity Card Act will be amended to allow reading card data by both public and private agencies as may be determined by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation according to set criteria. [Read More]

Municipality of Beau-Bassin / Rose-Hill denies venue for pacific gathering

I follow discussions on the biometric national identity card through emails. Citizens of Mauritius opposing the requirement of biometric data for the purpose of a national identity card, despite their personal differences and affiliations, they have contributed to the resistance through discussions over emails for several months now. I should congratulate Jeff Lingaya for the initiative and coordinating those discussions. The fight for privacy is long and difficult, I am aware of that. [Read More]

Do you need biometric data for e-Health?

During a discussion about the “deletion of biometric data” on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list, there was a mention of a performance report that said: “Over the past 23 years, most of the initiatives towards taken by MoHQL towards the computerisation of patient health records have not been successfully implemented and the different systems developed so far to generate these records have not been used as intended.” [Read More]

Where are the affidavits?

On the 1st September 2015 the then Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation, Mr. Roshi Bhadain in a press conference said that officers who participated in the exercise involving the deletion of the biometric data of citizens will swear an affidavit. Time passed by and everybody forgot the affidavits. If the minister required the officers to swore affidavits to gain the trust of citizens then why haven’t the successive ministers of technology shown the affidavits and the content therein? [Read More]