MNIC officer accuses Police of forced confession in fake biometric ID Card case

A case related to a fake biometric ID card was reported last1 December. It was big news because if the card issued was indeed biometric & similar to the ones issued by the MNIC, then it would be extremely difficult for someone to deduce it’s fake without a card reader to authenticate a biometric reading. There were arrests but no further information came through media regarding the police investigation that followed; until today. [Read More]

CCID investigates fake biometric ID card case

In the morning of Friday 1 December 2017 I saw a few people writing about a fake biometric ID card case on Facebook. It all started after it was reported1 on the radio. It’s reported that fraudsters attempted to retrieve money from the State Bank of Mauritius and the Mauritius Commercial Bank using fake biometric identity cards. Thanks to the bank officials who promptly alerted police the people involved in the scam network were apprehended. [Read More]

Mauritius ranks 72 in ICT Development

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) launched its 2017 edition of Measuring the Information Society Report1 during the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium2 in Tunisia. The report is published annually by the ITU since 2009 and it’s considered an important ICT Development Index by the National Computer Board3 of Mauritius. Mauritius ranks 72 and is observed (as per the index) as performing better than neighbouring countries like South Africa, Maldives, Seychelles, Botswana, Gabon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, Cameroon, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Angola, Tanzania and several others. [Read More]

Freedom of Information Bill

Independent MP, Hon. Kavi Ramano, representing constituency number 18 (Belle Rose and Quatre Bornes), will ask about the Freedom of Information Bill during tomorrow’s parliamentary sitting. The question1 B/723 will be directed to the Hon. Prime Minister, P.K. Jugnauth. He will be asked whether he can communicate an expected date for the introduction to the bill to the house. The current government promised a Freedom of Information Act in their manifesto2 during the general elections of 2014. [Read More]

Functional Programming meetup :-)

Two months ago we organized a meetup on Functional Programming at Turbine by Renghen Pajanilingum. As the presentation got intense it was in fact time to leave. There was thus a call for a second meetup. Yes! Thanks to fellow developers at LSL Digital, we worked it out and this time we shall host the meetup at La Sentinelle, Port-Louis. I spoke to Renghen on the phone and I can reveal this much about the up-coming meetup. [Read More]

NIC Act of Mauritius to be amended

While announcing legislation amendments, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, referred to amendments in the National Identity Card Act of Mauritius. Item C.7 of the Budget 2017-18 speech says: The National Identity Card Act will be amended to allow reading card data by both public and private agencies as may be determined by the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation according to set criteria. [Read More]

Budget 2017-18, where are we with Open Data?

In his 2017-18 budget speech, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development of Mauritius, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth announced the setting up of an Open Data Portal under the category “Making further strides on our ambition of a fully-fledged digital economy”. Item no. 138 says: Eighth, Government is setting up an Open Data Portal as a single point of reference for public datasets. There was no mention of Open Data in the budget speech of 2016-17. [Read More]

Anti-shutdown policy proposal

The Africa Internet Summit 2017 (AIS 2017) happened during the weeks of 21st May 2017 to 2nd June 2017. On the 31st May 2017 Public Policy Discussions were on the agenda. I attended remotely thanks to the live stream and live chat provisions made by AFRINIC. Among the various policy proposals set on the agenda I was particularly interested with the Anti-shutdown policy proposal. At the time of the discussion the policy proposal was at version two. [Read More]

WebCup Mauritius 2017

WebCup Mauritius 2017 happened over the weekend of 20⁄21 May 2017. This year the organising committee proposed a different format for the competition. In fact, they adapted the format based on previous experiences, which is a good thing. I met Zakiya from the organising committee who explained me the new format. This year participation at the WebCup competition was higher. In total there were 76 participants, making up 19 teams, among which 10 teams were composed of students only. [Read More]

Municipality of Beau-Bassin / Rose-Hill denies venue for pacific gathering

I follow discussions on the biometric national identity card through emails. Citizens of Mauritius opposing the requirement of biometric data for the purpose of a national identity card, despite their personal differences and affiliations, they have contributed to the resistance through discussions over emails for several months now. I should congratulate Jeff Lingaya for the initiative and coordinating those discussions. The fight for privacy is long and difficult, I am aware of that. [Read More]