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Linux, video encoding

Finally all of LUGM Meetup videos are now on LUGM [YouTube Channel]( This was the first time “le me” trying video encoding. I had to do my little homework about encoders & all. I was initially baffled to see that each MOV file that Nadim gave me was above 1G... [Read More]

Creative madness!

Earlier today, Nilesh pinged me on facebook saying he’s getting an outburst of ideas and wants to try some video concepts. He asked me a couple of lines that he can use in a video. Now, this is what I like with creative geeks, they get some sporadically genius idea... [Read More]
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YouTube video downloader

Whenever I had to download a video from Youtube I’d use the online service I know there exists tons of Youtube Downloaders out there and I even downloaded and test ‘youtube-dl’. In the beginning I didn’t really like it since I found that the download size would be huge.... [Read More]
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