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UoM Career Fair 2017

I was at the career fair organized by the University of Mauritius yesterday. Nirvan and I were at the LSL Digital stand since around 09h00 and we had a chat with a couple few students who showed up early. ![University of Mauritius Career Fair 2017](/img/2017/04/uom-career-fair-2017.jpg) We had a talk scheduled... [Read More]

Yet more doodles

Those who thought my [doodle craze]( is over, ahaaan, I’m yet to pester all of you with nonsense ideas that take form of images. Buahahaha! I’m getting my arsenal ready with GIMP, Inkscape, Xara and even Blender. You may run for shelter but I promise I will find you &... [Read More]

The Ambre Experience

L1 team at OBS organized a hotel outing on 28-29 September 2013 and were generous enough to invite us :) We’re normally known as the team comprising of Mafia & Gangsters, so it’s nice when we get such invitations. Response was great since quite a few geeks from L2 team... [Read More]

Tea break at work

I am not a great fan of biscuits, chocolates and neither ice cream. Still I need something to munch while having a tea-break at work. Most of the time it’s cashew nuts or paprika chips. I went to Intermart Ebène today to get something (would have been most probably nuts).... [Read More]