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geeks@mscc:~$ Hello, WordPress

Weeks ago it was announced as the next hot topic for MSCC Saturday [meetup]( WordPress. Rikesh volunteered for a technical presentation. Last time, after Sun & Moz presented web stuffs, I started getting hands dirty with some Responsive Web Design. I initially didn’t like the concept as I always thought... [Read More]

WordPress theming

It’s been tossed as this month’s MSCC hot topic: **WordPress theming**. I’m not a professional web developer but I do enjoy tinkering with some HTML & PHP as time allows. In the last MSCC [meetup]( I grasped a couple of stuffs about Responsive Web Design (RWD). While I’m not much... [Read More]

WordPress – Plugin installation without FTP

When installing plugins or upgrading a WordPress site it requires downloading some packages on the server. For this the wp-content folder must be writable by WordPress. Now when installing plugins WordPress will ask for the FTP credentials as follows (unless the direct method is specified): ![](/img/2017/02/wordpress-install-plugins.png) I’ve seen in versions... [Read More]