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Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) allows Linux binaries to run natively on Windows 10. That being said, one could run user-mode binaries such as Bash, Sed, Awk etc. WSL provides a Linux-compatible kernel interface that is developed by Microsoft and it runs binaries from Ubuntu 16.04. Work on the Windows... [Read More]

Microsoft Windows Command Line Cheat-Sheet

I can imagine my friends’ sarcastic smiles when they will read this post. Being an open source advocate I don’t often write about Microsoft Windows or other proprietary software. ![](/img/2017/02/MSFT_logo.png) Well, during the day I had a discussion on facebook with Sacheetabye who was having trouble getting XAMPP to work... [Read More]

DNS change in Windows XP

Seems like my fellow friends are having slow Internet issues today as well. Here’s your Windows fix buddies. First go to : Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet Connections Double click on ‘Network Connections’. Double click on ‘Local Area Connection’. Click on ‘Properties’. Double click on ‘Internet Protocol... [Read More]

Access Windows shares from Linux

Use samba to access Windows shares: Do `apt-get install samba4` to get the latest version of Samba. Do `apt-get install cifs-utils` to get necessary files/utils required to mount Windows shares. Then do the following: ``` mkdir /mnt/share ``` Type the following command to mount the share: ``` mount -t cifs... [Read More]
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Unix commands on Windows

I met a guy at my new workplace and he showed me a nice way of not losing temper when working with Command Prompt (yep, on a Windows box) and accidentally typing unix commands. Imagine if you could use the commands like ls, mv, cp, du, and even wget. Wouldn’t... [Read More]