Digital Night Mauritius 2017

Digital Night - it's the name of the first «tech» event of 2017 in Mauritius. This event aims to bring forth two days of festive moment all while accentuating on career prospects in the tech industry and allowing the public to discover various technologies. OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM partnered with various other organizations from the local tech industry to organize the event. More details can be found on the event's [Read More]

MSCC, Code & Coffee 2017

It's been a long time since I attended any Code & Coffee meetup by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community. As the Developers Conference is nearing, I stopped by Bagatelle Mall today to have a chit-chat about the conference with MSCC folks. In fact, I hit road early today, well I should rather say like every day, to drop my brother and Shelly to work. Since Monday it's been a pain [Read More]

PHP Mauritius UG’s second meetup

The PHP Mauritius Users Group organized their second meetup today at Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle. I spoke to Sun, my developer colleague and he planned to attend. Pritvi, the SysAdmin from the Meteorological Station dropped me a word on Facebook. We all reached the hotel by 18h30. Minutes later as we entered the Accelerator (that’s the name of the conference room), it was full. #phpMauritius @7php @phpmauritiusug @JKirstaetter @__Sun__ @IshSookun [Read More]

Linuxfest 2013 – Highlights

On the 7th October 2013 I sent the following message to LUGM’s mailing list. Hello folks,After several pings I finally got a date from the UoM Computer Club. They checked & double-checked with registrar and the only date they could get is 25th November. So … How about throwing a Linux party on that day @ Octave Wiehe Auditorium? During the past MSCC & LUGM meetups I’ve been talking [Read More]

Visual Studio 2013 virtual launch

Following Arnaud’s invitation to attend the Virtual launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 today, I visited Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands office at the Dias Pier Building, Caudan. A nice & cozy place among the hustle-bustle of Port-Louis. Avinash Seetaram & Pawan came along with me. We went on the 7th Floor to find an open space with almost no indication about offices on that floor. So, I called up [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Gang of Geeks

As planned we had another session of MSCC meetup today. I kinda liked the idea of hosting the meetup at Ebène Accelerator when Jochen announced that 3 days ago. Nice for a location change. The Ebène Accelerator is a business incubator. The project was set up by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development with the aim to help local bright minds get a platform that facilitates starting up a [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Fun with Brainbench Games :)

The weekly MSCC meetup happened today at Mugg & Bean. I got down of the bus at 09h52. By the time I reached Mugg & Bean Jochen told me that Yann had just left. Wanted to meet Yann to have a quick convo regarding the Penguin Costume for Linuxfest 2013. Well, Yann should be coming on Saturday as well, so we can discuss there. Jochen & Parvez were having a [Read More]

New recruits joining the gang

Having an intervention later at night, I was free this morning. Great! I could use the time to attend MSCC meetup. When I reached Mugg & Bean, Jochen was there alone having tea. Greeted him and took a seat. Cool! He brought the books recently sponsored by O’Reilly. I took the Developing Business Intelligence Apps for Sharepoint and flipped a few pages. Then looked at the huge 1,500+ [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Voyage to mystery worlds

I missed the last couple of MSCC meetups but was lucky to attend today’s. I reached Mugg & Bean around 10h15 and Jochen was having tea while his wife Mary-Jane was net-surfing. I greeted both and took a seat. Jochen inquired about my health which has been troubling me since a few weeks and also about my “gecko” eye. The healthy conversation did not take much time to turn [Read More]

LUGM | mini-meetup 24.08.13 as it happened

It’s been one rainy Saturday morning and while rushing to the bus-stop without an umbrella I missed the Port-Louis bus. Pfff! The next one should come in/around 30 mins. I was left with only one option, take Rose-Hill bus, stop at Réduit then go to Bagatelle. Then I thought Avinash & Natasha would be going to print copies of the LUGM membership form at Réduit. So, I called [Read More]