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While True

On Solaris servers I’ve missed the ‘watch’ command. Mostly when you have filesystems filling up fast. The ‘watch’ command nowadays comes bundled with most distros but not on those proprietary systems. I had to find a way of getting it done on Solaris, AIX or any other *nix family. Here’s... [Read More]
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Unix - extract a tgz or tar.gz

Compressed UNIX tar archives (typically tar.gz or .tgz extensions) can be extracted in a single command. This is faster and works with less disk space. To extract the compressed tar archive filename.tar.gz into the current working directory with: ``` gzip -dc filename.tar.gz | tar xf – ``` If the file... [Read More]

Unix commands on Windows

I met a guy at my new workplace and he showed me a nice way of not losing temper when working with Command Prompt (yep, on a Windows box) and accidentally typing unix commands. Imagine if you could use the commands like ls, mv, cp, du, and even wget. Wouldn’t... [Read More]