Huawei Innovation Forum

Last Wednesday Huawei (Mauritius) hosted a forum on the subject of "innovation" at Hennessy Park Hotel. It was a short event that consisted of a prize giving ceremony for the "Most Innovative Idea for an App" and a panel discussion on innovation. I attended the event with colleagues. Work from anywhere they say. Colleague spotted peeking at his #code as the #Huawei #Innovation Forum awaits more guests.#Mauritius pic.twitter. [Read More]

CERT-MU, no action against spam in Mauritius

I received emails about a Valentine's sales offer on four of my email addresses; both work and personal. I never subscribed to receive commercial offers from that company which is based in Mauritius. In the absence of clearly defined laws and inaction from authorities, businesses in Mauritius feel it is okay to just send you offers by email. They do not realize that an email is not a webpage where [Read More]

Google Chrome hides SSL certificate details button

Until a few days ago, at least if you have not updated Google Chrome to version 56, you could simply click on the green padlock in the address bar to view SSL certificate details. Google Chrome now hides SSL certificate details from the padlock. Many users who had the habit to look at certificate details to obtain information on the issuer, expiry date or SANs (SubjectAltName) would just find the [Read More]

Digital Night Mauritius 2017

Digital Night - it's the name of the first «tech» event of 2017 in Mauritius. This event aims to bring forth two days of festive moment all while accentuating on career prospects in the tech industry and allowing the public to discover various technologies. OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM partnered with various other organizations from the local tech industry to organize the event. More details can be found on the event's [Read More]

2016: Achievements of the ICT Authority

I have on numerous occasions requested and asked for the annual reports of the Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). I never received them and it seems to be not an issue of concern that annual reports of the authority since 2012 have not been made public. I understand that even journalists chased officers for the reports but in vain. Among the various attempts, S. Moonesamy also tried to get [Read More]

UoM Computer Club – Career & IT Fair 2014

The University of Mauritius Computer Club organized a Career & IT fair on 23rd and 24th April 2014. Ibraahim, president of the club, invited LUGM and MSCC. I liaised with other folks within the Linux User Group to present stuffs. Nadim, Pritvi, Ajay and Pawan answered the call for volunteers. On the first day I reached Octave Wiehé Auditorium (where the event was happening) around noon. In fact, Nadim called [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 4

The fourth day at Infotech 2013 was tiring indeed. Tired out of awesomeness! I initially thought I would not attend the last day and instead concentrate on the Linuxfest event. However, the great moments of Saturday changed my mind. The NCB team had been encouraging us a lot & I kinda felt bad not to go. Pawan, Pritvi, Nitin & I arrived at SVICC around 10h45. We left our gears [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 3

Oh! What a great day. It was a damn sunny morning but I liked the weather. Better be sunny & great than cold & lethargic. So, what was up in today’s list of activities? Firstly, going to University of Mauritius and meeting folks from the Computer Club. When I reached, Yunus was enjoying some loneliness at the entrance on Cafeteria. I greeted him and at the same time Darshini [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 2

Pawan & I reached SVICC at 12h30 after a long wait at R. Hill bus-stand. Since we were hungry we went directly to the food-court. I ordered a vegetarian Panini but was given a ‘chicken’ one. Oops! I realise that only after the first bite. Thought the day will go bad … I went back & asked them to replace it with a vegetarian one. It seemed that things got messed [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 1

Last Saturday following some Infotech 2013 related discussions during MSCC meetup, I sent the team an email inquiring about the possibility of having a presentation slot for Linux & openSUSE Project. Monday morning I received a positive response and since then I’ve been in constant contact with the team via email & phone calls. Jochen, Nirvan and I were going to present our topics (the same that we have [Read More]