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Mauritius ranks 72 in ICT Development

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) launched its 2017 edition of **Measuring the Information Society Report[^1]** during the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium[^2] in Tunisia. The report is published annually by the ITU since 2009 and it's considered an important ICT Development Index by the National Computer Board[^3] of Mauritius. Mauritius ranks... [Read More]

Huawei Innovation Forum

Last Wednesday Huawei (Mauritius) hosted a forum on the subject of "innovation" at Hennessy Park Hotel. It was a short event that consisted of a prize giving ceremony for the "Most Innovative Idea for an App" and a panel discussion on innovation. I attended the event with colleagues. Work from... [Read More]

Digital Night Mauritius 2017

Digital Night - it's the name of the first «tech» event of 2017 in Mauritius. This event aims to bring forth two days of festive moment all while accentuating on career prospects in the tech industry and allowing the public to discover various technologies. OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM partnered with... [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 1

Last Saturday following some Infotech 2013 related discussions during MSCC [meetup](, I sent the team an email inquiring about the possibility of having a presentation slot for Linux & openSUSE Project. Monday morning I received a positive response and since then I’ve been in constant contact with the team via... [Read More]

The rape of democracy

I don’t usually write about political stuffs since I do not follow the heck all those parties are doing. Well … well … I pause for a while and look back, oh Lord, it’s a mess they have made this country. When the Government unveiled their **Rs 50M not-worth-it** website,... [Read More]