Can the MNIC really combat identity fraud?

If one reads the judgment of the Supreme Court in the case Madhewoo M vs State of Mauritius, one would find that a major argument that held the ruling in favor of the State is that of being able to prevent multiple enrollments; that is prevent a person from having multiple identity cards under different names. Below is a extract of the judgment where the former Project Director of MNIC, [Read More]

Offences under the Mauritius National Identity Card Act

If a country has strict border security with biometric identification, you may still decline to visit the country, but if your own government makes it compulsory to give fingerprints for an identity card then you're an outlaw for refusing same. The fear of paying Rs 100, 000 fine and five years of imprisonment has certainly made many people rush to the national identity card conversion centres. I had friends and [Read More]

Should we consider fingerprint minutiae as biometric data?

I wrote a letter to the Data Protection Commissioner today in order to obtain some clarification on whether fingerprint minutiae is biometric data. The Supreme Court of Mauritius in its verdict in the case JUGNAUTH Pravind Kumar (Hon) vs The State of Mauritius (2015 SCJ 178), said the following: « we grant a permanent writ of injunction prohibiting the defendants from storing, or causing to be stored, as the case may [Read More]

CERT-MU, no action against spam in Mauritius

I received emails about a Valentine's sales offer on four of my email addresses; both work and personal. I never subscribed to receive commercial offers from that company which is based in Mauritius. In the absence of clearly defined laws and inaction from authorities, businesses in Mauritius feel it is okay to just send you offers by email. They do not realize that an email is not a webpage where [Read More]

Google Chrome hides SSL certificate details button

Until a few days ago, at least if you have not updated Google Chrome to version 56, you could simply click on the green padlock in the address bar to view SSL certificate details. Google Chrome now hides SSL certificate details from the padlock. Many users who had the habit to look at certificate details to obtain information on the issuer, expiry date or SANs (SubjectAltName) would just find the [Read More]

Ministry of Public Infrastructure database hacked remotely, Minister says.

I read an article on today that mentioned the Minister of Public Infrastructure saying a database of the ministry was "hacked". The article is accompanied by a video in which we see the Minister clearly stated the word "hack". While I am glad and I appreciate the guts of the Minister to make such a public declaration, I also realize that the lack of transparency might have covered [Read More]

Are Mauritians being duped into Ethical Hacking?

The term 'hacking' is lucrative and very often people wish to associate themselves with it as a skillset show-off. I recently read testimonials of Government officers on a Certified Ethical Hacker course by EC-Council. That pushed me to question whether Mauritians are being cheated into 'ethical hacking' because it seemed too obvious that the Government was naive enough to fall in this trap. Above are testimonials left by two Government [Read More]

facebook valentine nonsense

It’s 2014 and instead of people rising, I again am constantly faced with the bitter fact that people are yet still easy to fool. YES! I am talking of the Apps people use on facebook. Two days ago I posted a status saying anyone who sends me Valentine’s requests will be on my HIT list. I thought people would consider this message and stay away from crappy Apps [Read More]

Frēē Fācebook Crēdits? Scam again.

…and here we are with the hackers/scammers getting better each day. I just saw a Frēē Fācebook Crēdits thing circling around (see the image). Question, why would Facebook write free as Frēē and not Free. Of course they (scammers) do not want to raise any alarm quickly. So, do yourself a favour, do not like, do not share and certainly do not click on any stupid link on that [Read More]

Linux Malware Incident Response

Two days back I started reading “Linux Malware Incident Response“. It comprises of 134 pages which is perfect if you’re looking for some quick reading. The author introduces the topic by going in depth about malware incidents & investigation. He breaks down the same as 5 phases : Forensic preservation and examination of volatile data Examination of memory Forensic analysis: examination of hard drives File profiling of an unknown file [Read More]