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Facebook scam, again…

I was about to write a review on openSUSE 13.1 Beta 1 today. However, something else caught my attention. On my facebook feeds I saw: >OU ENA 18ANS OU PLUS,,OUN ENVIE TRAVAIL DAN OU TEMPS LIBRE OU BIEN DAN OU LAKAZ MEM: TRAVAILLER A DOMICILE POUR UNE FIRME INTERNATIONAL BASEE... [Read More]
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Scam saga continues

I received an email today with the title “VACANCIES AT WESTBURY LUXURY HOTEL LONDON”. The content was like this: >THE WESTBURY HOTEL BOND STREET, MAYFAIR LONDON, W1S 2YF, United Kingdom Tel: +447024019627 >After contacting our affiliated job sites for job-seekers who are willing to work here in London, your... [Read More]
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Data entry jobs – Scams!

A while back I came across a link on Facebook that claims to pay people for data entries. I’ve seen a lot of such scams & many times people sharing those stuffs. Well, there could as well be some genuine businesses going out there, so how do we differentiate? Ok... [Read More]
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