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Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba

Paneer was not much known in Mauritius when I was a kid. Over the years, the «Indian cheese» got very popular and can now be seen as served even during wedding dinners, receptions etc. Much of its popularity can be attributed to a growing population of vegetarians. Oh, and before... [Read More]

Lunch at Pirates Pizza

Work shifts have messed up my whole body-clock. I’m on the work shift of 11h00 – 20h00 after two weeks of normal schedule. Reaching mid-week I can feel my system going upside down. Ok, that being said, Avinash, Natasha & I, we went out for a late lunch today around... [Read More]

Lunch at Pizza Perfect

On week days during lunch I usually go to Bagatelle Mall or Pizza Perfect. In the region there (among Pizza Perfect, Panarottis & Food Lover’s Market) the best milkshake we’ve had is at Pizza Perfect. A vanilla milkshake with some ice cream, it’s just awesome. Today Nitin Bachraz wanted to... [Read More]