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Are you embarrassed, sir?

During the weekend published an article that raises several questions on the statements of the Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation. The article mentions that an elderly citizen enrolled for the new identity card in 2014 but her name was incorrectly printed on the card. Now, her grand-daughter is... [Read More]

Mauritius: No to biometric data on ID Card

I was at the MNIC id card conversion centre, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port-Louis, this morning. Folks from the « No to biometric data on ID Card » platform and Rezistans ek Alternativ were gathered for a common cause; i.e to apply for the identity card but refuse to consent to... [Read More]

Privy Council's verdict on the MNIC case

In several posts earlier I cited the verdicts of the Supreme Court of Mauritius in the two cases which concern the recording & storage of fingerprint for the purpose of the Mauritius National Identity Card. Note that Dr Maharajah Madhewoo made an appeal to the Privy Council and the case... [Read More]

facebook valentine nonsense

It’s 2014 and instead of people rising, I again am constantly faced with the bitter fact that people are yet still easy to fool. YES! I am talking of the Apps people use on facebook. Two days ago I posted a status saying anyone who sends me Valentine’s requests will... [Read More]

Popular facebook spam

I sign in to my facebook account & my feeds show so many of my friends posting “spam”. Well, I know it’s not you guys but some crappy app to which you have granted authorization “unknowingly” at some time. Does the picture below look familiar to you? ![Facebook spam](/img/2017/02/facebook-spam.png) Many... [Read More]