Point Linux 2.2 Codename “taya”

Point Linux – Another Debian derivative? Let’s take a sneak peak. The current stable version of Point Linux is 2.2, codenamed “taya”. As of writing this post version 3.0 Beta 1 was released. However, I’ll keep this analysis focused on the stable version. The official website of Point Linux describes it as a Debian under the hood distro. Indeed, it is and the mastermind behind the project, [Read More]

A first impression on Point Linux

2 days ago I downloaded Point Linux, which is a Debian based distribution featuring the MATE desktop. I gave it a try last night. It’s a live DVD of 1G around. Like most of the Debian based distros Point Linux is lightning fast. The live session started without issues. To my surprise it even installed my Broadcom Wireless adaptor. Something a bit rare with Debian based distros as they [Read More]