Developers Conference 2016, day 3 with openSUSE bug hunting

I had my «openSUSE bug hunting» presentation scheduled at 09h30 this morning. I'm usually very lazy on Sundays but the enthusiasm of the Developers Conference is just an amazing feeling. Though we live on a small island, we get to meet some people maybe just once a year during this fun event. I picked up Shelly on the way and we reached Voilà Hotel at 09h05. Right at the hotel [Read More]

Configure NNTP for openSUSE forums in Thunderbird

The Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) is an application protocol that transports Usenet news articles from news servers to client applications. One such client is Thunderbird and some time ago during email discussions I learned the openSUSE forums still has a news server. Set up openSUSE newsgroup account in Thunderbird On the home window of Thunderbird, under 'Accounts', click on 'Newsgroups' and fill the credentials as in the image below. [Read More]

openSUSE 13.1 RC1 & MATE Desktop experiment

It’s a beautiful Sunday outside. I opened my room’s windows, let the curtains flow freely & clear light coming in. It’s soothing. Birds are chirping and whatever language that is, it’s beautiful. It’s neither too hot nor cold. Lord! Thank you for this moment. I looked at my test laptop (HP Compaq 6515b) and thought what could we be doing together today? How about continuing [Read More]