How to make a selfie?

Sunday is usually the day when I have random geek moments. Ok, what’s that? It’s the scientific term I use to describe my vivid wish of doing something different. After preparing laptops for Corsair Hackers Reboot earlier this morning, my quest for doing something different got intensified. I looked around for ideas and saw my camera on the table. Good! Let’s do something with this. How about [Read More]

LUGM meetup, Software Licensing

Many times on LUGM facebook group we had fierce debates over GPL and BSD-license. Flame-wars sprouted very often, some times even from an innocent status we might have put. Therefore a few weeks ago it was decided that we have a meetup that will ensure clarifying misconceptions regarding software licenses. The date was announced to be 15th March 2014 at the convenience of everybody. Selven & Logan were to talk [Read More]

Download & build Chromium OS

As it’s a tradition now on weekends I get on with some sporadic project. Since last evening I plugged my laptop for a Chromium OS adventure. I started by going through the documentation on the website. I installed the required tools on my openSUSE machine to get Chromium OS source & start building. sudo zypper in git subversion curl Before you proceed further you will need a [Read More]

Linuxfest 2013 – Highlights

On the 7th October 2013 I sent the following message to LUGM’s mailing list. Hello folks,After several pings I finally got a date from the UoM Computer Club. They checked & double-checked with registrar and the only date they could get is 25th November. So … How about throwing a Linux party on that day @ Octave Wiehe Auditorium? During the past MSCC & LUGM meetups I’ve been talking [Read More]

Set up keyboard layout applet in Cinnamon 2.0

As I continue exploring Cinnamon 2.0 features (on openSUSE 13.1) I noticed the keyboard layout setting wouldn’t function as expected. For some weird reason I couldn’t add Hindi (Bolnagri) layout although this is present in the GNOME session. I also tried setting it up using gnome-control-center instead of Cinnamon settings but didn’t work. A little bit of Google search & I found many people reporting [Read More]

openSUSE 13.1 RC2 GNOME Live

openSUSE 13.1 RC2 came out today! Could see some awesome bug-hunting moments ahead. I didn’t waste time & fired the download page. Thought I’d start with the Live editions and I downloaded GNOME Live 64bit. I dd’ed the nearly 1GB image to a pendrive. Oh! What’s dd’ed? See it in action here. :) I first tried a Live session on my test notebook, that’s [Read More]

Mkahawa – Cybercafé Billing Software

Last night someone pinged me on facebook regarding Mkahawa installation. I was feeling tired & being on-call for work I didn’t want to be in a kaput state later if the work mobile rings. I kept the fun for today. What is Mkahawa? It is a cybercafé managemet/billing software, which is free & open source. It’s written in C & C++ and is available for Linux, Mac [Read More]

SolusOS 2 Alpha 9

I was introduced to SolusOS by a colleague at work. That was a few months ago. I was very much impressed with the distribution; it was fast & responsive. SolusOS 1 was based on Debian. The project founder, Ikey Doherty, is also the mastermind behind LMDE. Shortly after, development of SolusOS 2 was announced. From time to time I checked their website to see what’s happening. Last week SolusOS [Read More]

MATE Desktop presentation at the openSUSE Conference 2013

Stefano Karapetsas gave a fine presentation on MATE Desktop at the openSUSE Conference 2013. I took the liberty to document his presentation here. Stefano started with a brief introduction to the MATE Desktop. He explained how we should pronounce the word “MATE”. It’s actually derived from a species of holly called Yerba Mate (which originates from South America). So, the word is pronounced “maté” and not “mate” as in [Read More]

MATE Desktop Cheat Sheet

Stathis wrote a nice article about Gnome 3 shortcuts. Inspired by the same I compiled a cheat sheet for the MATE Desktop with a few additions on customization. Download the MATE Desktop Cheat Sheet in pdf format. Ideas and suggestions are most welcomed. I’ll update the cheat sheet when I have more tips. [Read More]