Developers Conference 2017 - Linuxfest

Hey folks! We're back. It's time to meet up and have geek fun at the Developers Conference 2017. At its third edition, I am sure that, this great event of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community will not disappoint you. Of course, there must be something in menu that will suit your appetite. Shelly and I have planned our DevCon weekend carefully. We'll be there all three days. I have a [Read More]

John O'Nolan talks about Ghost

A few weeks ago Humeira tweeted me to ask about a venue to host a small talk on Ghost. At first I thought about the University of Mauritius but lately I haven't met anyone from the Computer Club and I do not know whether they'd be able to host the talk on the university campus. I suggested she gets in touch with JoKi who might have a better idea. Indeed, [Read More]

MSCC, Code & Coffee 2017

It's been a long time since I attended any Code & Coffee meetup by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community. As the Developers Conference is nearing, I stopped by Bagatelle Mall today to have a chit-chat about the conference with MSCC folks. In fact, I hit road early today, well I should rather say like every day, to drop my brother and Shelly to work. Since Monday it's been a pain [Read More]

Developers Conference 2016, day 3 with openSUSE bug hunting

I had my «openSUSE bug hunting» presentation scheduled at 09h30 this morning. I'm usually very lazy on Sundays but the enthusiasm of the Developers Conference is just an amazing feeling. Though we live on a small island, we get to meet some people maybe just once a year during this fun event. I picked up Shelly on the way and we reached Voilà Hotel at 09h05. Right at the hotel [Read More]

geeks@mscc:~$ Hello, WordPress

Weeks ago it was announced as the next hot topic for MSCC Saturday meetup: WordPress. Rikesh volunteered for a technical presentation. Last time, after Sun & Moz presented web stuffs, I started getting hands dirty with some Responsive Web Design. I initially didn’t like the concept as I always thought it wastes white space. However the presentations inspired me to try, which I don’t regret. Let’s see [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Christmas raffle

We had one of the Saturday MSCC meetup at Ebène Accelerator today. I reached Ebène around noon & met Ibraahim, Yunus and Sherven at InterMart while I was going to have lunch. Cool! We had lunch & discussed a couple of stuffs about next year’s plans. At 13h00 we rushed to Ebène Accelerator. We walked to the conference room & wohooo… house full! We had to get chairs from [Read More]

MSCC – Code & Coffee

A beautiful Wednesday morning, the weather was just fine. I got a bit late getting ready, so I had to rush to the bus-stop. Anyway, I’d missed the Port-Louis bus … Like that I arrived at Bagatelle Mall at 10h40 instead of 10h00. Nayar reached earlier and was surely somewhere around. I called him & went to Mugg & Bean as Code & Coffee meetup was scheduled. The fun thing [Read More]


Il y a quelques jours j’ai posté sur facebook qu’on écrira notre sommaire du prochain meetup MSCC en français. Chose faite car cet article commence déjà en français :) Donc j’espère voir les autres pingouins poster leur articles d’aujourd’hui avec un peu de fun. Je me suis reveillé tard ce matin après une bonne soirée en “Happy Hour” hier à Hennessy Park Hotel. A midi j’ [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Gang of Geeks

As planned we had another session of MSCC meetup today. I kinda liked the idea of hosting the meetup at Ebène Accelerator when Jochen announced that 3 days ago. Nice for a location change. The Ebène Accelerator is a business incubator. The project was set up by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development with the aim to help local bright minds get a platform that facilitates starting up a [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Fun with Brainbench Games :)

The weekly MSCC meetup happened today at Mugg & Bean. I got down of the bus at 09h52. By the time I reached Mugg & Bean Jochen told me that Yann had just left. Wanted to meet Yann to have a quick convo regarding the Penguin Costume for Linuxfest 2013. Well, Yann should be coming on Saturday as well, so we can discuss there. Jochen & Parvez were having a [Read More]