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NIC Act of Mauritius to be amended

While announcing legislation amendments, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, referred to amendments in the National Identity Card Act of Mauritius. Item C.7 of the Budget 2017-18 speech says: > The National Identity Card Act will be amended to allow reading card... [Read More]

Municipality of Beau-Bassin / Rose-Hill denies venue for pacific gathering

I follow discussions on the biometric national identity card through emails. Citizens of Mauritius opposing the requirement of biometric data for the purpose of a national identity card, despite their personal differences and affiliations, they have contributed to the resistance through discussions over emails for several months now. I should... [Read More]

Do you need biometric data for e-Health?

During a [discussion]( about the "deletion of biometric data" on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list, there was a mention of a performance report that said: >"Over the past 23 years, most of the initiatives towards taken by MoHQL towards the computerisation of patient health records have not been successfully... [Read More]
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Where are the affidavits?

On the 1st September 2015 the then Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation, Mr. Roshi Bhadain in a [press conference]( said that officers who participated in the exercise involving the deletion of the biometric data of citizens will swear an affidavit. Time passed by and everybody forgot the affidavits. If... [Read More]