John O'Nolan talks about Ghost

A few weeks ago Humeira tweeted me to ask about a venue to host a small talk on Ghost. At first I thought about the University of Mauritius but lately I haven't met anyone from the Computer Club and I do not know whether they'd be able to host the talk on the university campus. I suggested she gets in touch with JoKi who might have a better idea. Indeed, [Read More]

PHP Mauritius UG’s second meetup

The PHP Mauritius Users Group organized their second meetup today at Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle. I spoke to Sun, my developer colleague and he planned to attend. Pritvi, the SysAdmin from the Meteorological Station dropped me a word on Facebook. We all reached the hotel by 18h30. Minutes later as we entered the Accelerator (that’s the name of the conference room), it was full. #phpMauritius @7php @phpmauritiusug @JKirstaetter @__Sun__ @IshSookun [Read More]

LUGM meetup, Software Licensing

Many times on LUGM facebook group we had fierce debates over GPL and BSD-license. Flame-wars sprouted very often, some times even from an innocent status we might have put. Therefore a few weeks ago it was decided that we have a meetup that will ensure clarifying misconceptions regarding software licenses. The date was announced to be 15th March 2014 at the convenience of everybody. Selven & Logan were to talk [Read More]

geeks@mscc:~$ Hello, WordPress

Weeks ago it was announced as the next hot topic for MSCC Saturday meetup: WordPress. Rikesh volunteered for a technical presentation. Last time, after Sun & Moz presented web stuffs, I started getting hands dirty with some Responsive Web Design. I initially didn’t like the concept as I always thought it wastes white space. However the presentations inspired me to try, which I don’t regret. Let’s see [Read More]

LUGM meetup - Presentations

We had one of the much awaited LUGM meetups today. This meetup comprised of two presentations: New features brought in OpenSSH v6.5, by Loganaden Velvindron What if .mu was in Mauritius?, by S. Moonesamy It was held at Ebène Accelerator, Orange Tower, Ebène. I reached earlier, got time to have my lunch and a while later Logan came. We were having a general chit-chat when Pawan came. He passed [Read More]

MSCC, a growing army

I spent a whole week with the night shift and the morning of Saturday 25th, here I was like a zombie. Oh! But still I could not miss that MSSC meetup. In fact, in the rush of not being late, I happened to reach Ebène Accelerator earlier, some time around 12h20. Before that I even got time for a quick lunch at the Ebène InterMart Food-court. Alright, back at the [Read More]

Geek Team ethusiastic as ever

2014, and we had our first LUGM meetup. Nadim & I discussed it earlier on facebook and he proceeded with the event page creation. Didn’t know how many people might show up, so we set the location place to be Pizza Perfect. By Wednesday we had more than 20 people coming, I thus contacted Pizza Perfect & asked them to reserve three tables. Saturday comes & the day starts [Read More]

MSCC meetup – Christmas raffle

We had one of the Saturday MSCC meetup at Ebène Accelerator today. I reached Ebène around noon & met Ibraahim, Yunus and Sherven at InterMart while I was going to have lunch. Cool! We had lunch & discussed a couple of stuffs about next year’s plans. At 13h00 we rushed to Ebène Accelerator. We walked to the conference room & wohooo… house full! We had to get chairs from [Read More]

MSCC – Code & Coffee

A beautiful Wednesday morning, the weather was just fine. I got a bit late getting ready, so I had to rush to the bus-stop. Anyway, I’d missed the Port-Louis bus … Like that I arrived at Bagatelle Mall at 10h40 instead of 10h00. Nayar reached earlier and was surely somewhere around. I called him & went to Mugg & Bean as Code & Coffee meetup was scheduled. The fun thing [Read More]

Linux meetup – Geek talk around a pizza

The past week having worked till 01h00 I wasn’t in good shape to attend Linkbynet Openday. I pinged others informing I’ll come directly to PR School of Management & Education (PRSME) for the Linux Meetup. Neha, Darshinee and Pawan had been to the Openday in the morning. I heard they got lost around in Quatre Bornes while looking for PRSME. Ahaan! We have Google Maps for such situations [Read More]