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Mauritius ranks 72 in ICT Development

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) launched its 2017 edition of **Measuring the Information Society Report[^1]** during the World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium[^2] in Tunisia. The report is published annually by the ITU since 2009 and it's considered an important ICT Development Index by the National Computer Board[^3] of Mauritius. Mauritius ranks... [Read More]

Freedom of Information Bill

Independent MP, Hon. Kavi Ramano, representing constituency number 18 (Belle Rose and Quatre Bornes), will ask about the Freedom of Information Bill during tomorrow's parliamentary sitting. The question[^1] B/723 will be directed to the Hon. Prime Minister, P.K. Jugnauth. He will be asked whether he can communicate an expected date... [Read More]

Functional Programming meetup :-)

Two months ago we organized a [meetup]( on Functional Programming at Turbine by Renghen Pajanilingum. As the presentation got intense it was in fact time to leave. There was thus a call for a second meetup. {: .center-img} ![SysAdmin Day 2017](/img/2017/08/functional_programming_mauritius.jpg) Yes! Thanks to fellow developers at LSL Digital, we... [Read More]

NIC Act of Mauritius to be amended

While announcing legislation amendments, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, referred to amendments in the National Identity Card Act of Mauritius. Item C.7 of the Budget 2017-18 speech says: > The National Identity Card Act will be amended to allow reading card... [Read More]

Budget 2017-18, where are we with Open Data?

In his 2017-18 budget speech, the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Economic Development of Mauritius, Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth announced the setting up of an Open Data Portal under the category "Making further strides on our ambition of a fully-fledged digital economy". Item no. 138 says: > Eighth,... [Read More]

WebCup Mauritius 2017

WebCup Mauritius 2017 happened over the weekend of 20/21 May 2017. This year the organising committee proposed a different format for the competition. In fact, they adapted the format based on previous experiences, which is a good thing. I met Zakiya from the organising committee who explained me the new... [Read More]

Municipality of Beau-Bassin / Rose-Hill denies venue for pacific gathering

I follow discussions on the biometric national identity card through emails. Citizens of Mauritius opposing the requirement of biometric data for the purpose of a national identity card, despite their personal differences and affiliations, they have contributed to the resistance through discussions over emails for several months now. I should... [Read More]

Where are the affidavits?

On the 1st September 2015 the then Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation, Mr. Roshi Bhadain in a [press conference]( said that officers who participated in the exercise involving the deletion of the biometric data of citizens will swear an affidavit. Time passed by and everybody forgot the affidavits. If... [Read More]

World Intellectual Property Day

World Intellectual Property Day was celebrated on 26 April 2017. On that occasion the U.S Embassy and Turbine organized an event titled « innovating your way out ». It was hosted at the Turbine incubator at Vivéa Business Park, St. Pierre. ![World Intellectual Property Day - Mauritius](/img/2017/04/ipr-event-2017.jpg) I attended the... [Read More]

Huawei Innovation Forum

Last Wednesday Huawei (Mauritius) hosted a forum on the subject of "innovation" at Hennessy Park Hotel. It was a short event that consisted of a prize giving ceremony for the "Most Innovative Idea for an App" and a panel discussion on innovation. I attended the event with colleagues. Work from... [Read More]

Are graduates underpaid in Mauritius?

I attended a workshop on [IoT]( last week at the University of Mauritius. After the tea break S. Moonesamy (SM) and I continued having this discussion about the Developers Conference 2017. It appears that some people were furious over my Facebook comment about the panel discussion on 'Web Development in... [Read More]

Are you embarrassed, sir?

During the weekend published an article that raises several questions on the statements of the Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation. The article mentions that an elderly citizen enrolled for the new identity card in 2014 but her name was incorrectly printed on the card. Now, her grand-daughter is... [Read More]

Fake news from the Government of Mauritius

I was sitting under the shade of a tree next to Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium at the University of Mauritius when I read a tweet about "fake news". [ BEWARE ] '' FAKE NEWS AND FAKE WEBSITE is belle et bien present in Mauritius. They are promoting their FAKE...—... [Read More]
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Mauritius: No to biometric data on ID Card

I was at the MNIC id card conversion centre, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port-Louis, this morning. Folks from the « No to biometric data on ID Card » platform and Rezistans ek Alternativ were gathered for a common cause; i.e to apply for the identity card but refuse to consent to... [Read More]

Privy Council's verdict on the MNIC case

In several posts earlier I cited the verdicts of the Supreme Court of Mauritius in the two cases which concern the recording & storage of fingerprint for the purpose of the Mauritius National Identity Card. Note that Dr Maharajah Madhewoo made an appeal to the Privy Council and the case... [Read More]

49th independence day of Mauritius

Today many will raise the national flag and sing the national anthem as we celebrate the 49th independence day of Mauritius. Members of the national assembly will brand themselves as the greatest patriots and give lengthy lectures on the progress of the nation. Opposition party members will tell the press... [Read More]
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Sex in Mauritius

It would appear that sex is something of much fascination for my countrymen; i.e in Mauritius. Sex which is at the same time a taboo and a subject of jokes & enjoyment among both genders; gets all the limelight at the slightest mention of it. At least that is what... [Read More]

Digital Night Mauritius 2017

Digital Night - it's the name of the first «tech» event of 2017 in Mauritius. This event aims to bring forth two days of festive moment all while accentuating on career prospects in the tech industry and allowing the public to discover various technologies. OTAM, MITIA and CCIFM partnered with... [Read More]

Ganga Talao

Like every year, we went to Ganga Talao on the first day of the year, that is yesterday. While it's certainly peaceful to spend the first hours praying with the family, it was not comfortable yesterday with the hot weather and the crowd. Looking from the top of the hill... [Read More]

Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba

Paneer was not much known in Mauritius when I was a kid. Over the years, the «Indian cheese» got very popular and can now be seen as served even during wedding dinners, receptions etc. Much of its popularity can be attributed to a growing population of vegetarians. Oh, and before... [Read More]

National Internet Filtering System

The topic might be sensitive and I believe some might even hide behind an oath of secrecy to escape questions. Nevertheless, the questions remain pertinent. Is the internet in Mauritius monitored? How is it done? What happens when suspicious traffic is detected? Do internet users in Mauritius understand cyber laws?... [Read More]

Internet filtering in Mauritius

Every other common Internet user in Mauritius to whom I asked whether he/she knew our Internet traffic is filtered by the ICT Authority, they replied NO! Some people have reacted with an outrage while others took it casually, like the Authority can do what it wants anyway. Maybe this docile... [Read More]

Ubuntu Jam 2015 - Mauritius

In-line with the Ubuntu Global Jam happening from 6 - 8 February 2015, we too, we had our share of jamming session at the University of Mauritius today. Due to work commitments, however, I could not put in too much energy and rather unloaded the same on Ashmita, the University... [Read More]

Catamaran outing

Some time around a month ago, Nilesh pinged me about a Catamaran outing. While I’m not much an outing person, the last few times I’ve been out with friends were great. Recall: [OBS Team Building]( & [Stay at Ambre Hotel]( Well, those were with my work colleagues. Nilesh has been... [Read More]

Linux meetup – Sporadic topics

I wasn’t expecting much for today’s LUGM mini-meetup (Linux meetup). I was wrong, it turned out to be very productive one :) I tried to reach Bagatelle by 12h30 but the bus got me there at 12h45. As I was racing towards Mugg & Bean, Ashley called and told me... [Read More]

On the origins of Deepavali

While being on the eve of Deepavali I thought of writing about its origin. Deepavali can be broken to **deepa** and **awali**, meaning a chain of lamps. ![](/img/2017/02/real-divali.jpg) Googling & going through the Sanskrit version of Rāmāyana by Vālmiki, I could find these references, as Hanumān informed the arrival of... [Read More]

Lunch at Pirates Pizza

Work shifts have messed up my whole body-clock. I’m on the work shift of 11h00 – 20h00 after two weeks of normal schedule. Reaching mid-week I can feel my system going upside down. Ok, that being said, Avinash, Natasha & I, we went out for a late lunch today around... [Read More]

The Ambre Experience

L1 team at OBS organized a hotel outing on 28-29 September 2013 and were generous enough to invite us :) We’re normally known as the team comprising of Mafia & Gangsters, so it’s nice when we get such invitations. Response was great since quite a few geeks from L2 team... [Read More]

Lunch at Pizza Perfect

On week days during lunch I usually go to Bagatelle Mall or Pizza Perfect. In the region there (among Pizza Perfect, Panarottis & Food Lover’s Market) the best milkshake we’ve had is at Pizza Perfect. A vanilla milkshake with some ice cream, it’s just awesome. Today Nitin Bachraz wanted to... [Read More]

30-03-13 Flood in Port-Louis

Had been to SDDI Ltd at Riche Terre today. At around 14h00 I was returning and took the way through Long Mountain instead of Port-Louis as I thought Jush would be calling me later to come to Cyber at Flacq. I didn’t turn on the radio on the way. It’s... [Read More]