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A first impression on Point Linux

2 days ago I downloaded Point Linux, which is a Debian based distribution featuring the MATE desktop. I gave it a try last night. It’s a live DVD of 1G around. Like most of the Debian based distros Point Linux is lightning fast. The live session started without issues. To... [Read More]

Set Caja as default file manager

When I installed openSUSE on my laptop I chose the XFCE desktop environment. Along with that came Thunar file manager. Later when when I installed MATE 1.6 I noticed that Thunar was still my default file manager. I wanted to set Caja as default file manager. I went through the... [Read More]

MATE Desktop presentation at the openSUSE Conference 2013

Stefano Karapetsas gave a fine presentation on MATE Desktop at the openSUSE Conference 2013. ![MATE Desktop](/img/2017/02/mate-desktop-screenshot.png) I took the liberty to document his presentation here. Stefano started with a brief introduction to the MATE Desktop. He explained how we should pronounce the word “MATE”. It’s actually derived from a species... [Read More]

MATE Desktop Cheat Sheet

Stathis wrote a nice article about [Gnome 3 shortcuts]( Inspired by the same I compiled a cheat sheet for the MATE Desktop with a few additions on customization. ![](/img/2017/02/mate-cheatsheet-screenshot-1.png) Download the [MATE Desktop Cheat Sheet]( in pdf format. Ideas and suggestions are most welcomed. I’ll update the cheat sheet when... [Read More]

Customize MATE menu

I was chatting with [Stathis]( today and we discussed about customizing the MATE menu. We thought of putting a nice openSUSE logo on the start button. I initially used the openSUSE logo that’s available in [mate-faenza-icons]( package. Here is how it looks like: ![](/img/2017/02/MATE-menu.png) Download the [mate-faenza]( icons package and... [Read More]

Clock-applet crashes in MATE

I noticed my system time incorrect and right-clicked on the applet and clicked on preferences to modify. The applet crashes. I retried and it crashes again. I searched if it’s an existing bug in MATE version 1.6.1 but could not find more information. When the clock crashes a dialog box... [Read More]

openSUSE MATE Desktop

When the Gnome team abandoned the traditional desktop style many people were frustrated and started looking for alternatives. Some went towards lighter DEs such as XFCE & LXDE while others migrated to KDE. Then the Linux Mint team came up with a fork of Gnome 2 and called it [MATE]( [Read More]