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LUGM: Linux Magazine

Some time back while having a black coffee in the morning an evil idea lurked in my mind. I instantly posted about it on facebook. Folks were eager to know more. Later in the afternoon I detailed it in another post. It went like this: ![](/img/2017/02/lugm-mag-idea.png) The response I got... [Read More]

Linux, video encoding

Finally all of LUGM Meetup videos are now on LUGM [YouTube Channel]( This was the first time “le me” trying video encoding. I had to do my little homework about encoders & all. I was initially baffled to see that each MOV file that Nadim gave me was above 1G... [Read More]

LUGM IRC Channel

Yes, I knew this IRC channel, since long. However, I joined in only a couple of times before. Yesterday, while I was kinda bored & was looking for something interesting/creative. I logged in & tweeted for others to pop in. A while later we had a small group of... [Read More]
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Creative madness!

Earlier today, Nilesh pinged me on facebook saying he’s getting an outburst of ideas and wants to try some video concepts. He asked me a couple of lines that he can use in a video. Now, this is what I like with creative geeks, they get some sporadically genius idea... [Read More]
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Infotech 2013 – Day 1

Last Saturday following some Infotech 2013 related discussions during MSCC [meetup](, I sent the team an email inquiring about the possibility of having a presentation slot for Linux & openSUSE Project. Monday morning I received a positive response and since then I’ve been in constant contact with the team via... [Read More]

Linuxfest 2013 brainstorming continues …

It’s been a hectic Saturday … started pretty early with a intervention (work) which I carried from home. I was hoping to finish before noon but those slow RDP connections messed up my plans. Oh yeah, intervention on WinServers. During the week Pritvi created a facebook event for [Linuxfest brainstorming]( [Read More]

LUGM mini-meetup | The gang of sixteen

Last week I was contacted by the UoM Computer Club folks telling me they have a slot for the Linuxfest 2013. That was indeed a great news. I didn’t waste any more time & announced the same on LUGM’s [mailing list]( Secondly, I created a [facebook event]( for LUGM mini-meetup... [Read More]

Linux meetup – 14.09.2013

Saturday with a fine sunny weather. Perfect to get the sandals out this time. Yup! I actually prefer sandals than shoes. Like my previous blog post I enjoyed some nice music & reading while traveling by bus. I reached Bagatelle a little before 14h00. Nitin Mutkawoa had arrived already. Natasha... [Read More]

LUGM | mini-meetup 31.08.13

Saturdays are becoming fun with LUGM mini-meetups. I finished an intervention at work and called Yuram to confirm which bus to take from Ebène to go Bagatelle. Most Port-Louis buses should drive through Bagatelle and I confirmed again by asking the conductor when getting in. I reached Mugg & Bean... [Read More]

Linux User Group of Mauritius – meetup 17.08.2013

Finally we had the [LUGM mini-meetup]( today. We had 12 attendees (including me). That was a great response. Some came for the first time. ![](/img/2017/02/LUGM-meetup-17-august-1.jpg) We started by each one introducing himself, telling more about his Linux experience. It was nice to hear everyone’s short stories and how they encountered/discovered... [Read More]

Upcoming LUGM meetup

![](/img/2017/02/LUGM-group-photo-lescalier.jpg) *Group Photo, LUGM meeting, L'Escalier - 15 June 2013* It started as just a small meeting with some students seeking Linux information. Yet, now it seems we’re heading to some geeko party. Yes, in my previous post I wrote how we had an informal [Linux meetup]( last Saturday. We... [Read More]

LUG Mauritius meetup at L’Escalier

[LUG Mauritius]( organized a meetup yesterday at L’Escalier. I was supposed to deliver a short presentation on Project Evil Genius. Since my car is still kaput I opted to go by bus. Now L’Escalier is a far place from Providence. So, I went till Réduit and Avinash Seetaram (my colleague... [Read More]