LUGM: Linux Magazine

Some time back while having a black coffee in the morning an evil idea lurked in my mind. I instantly posted about it on facebook. Folks were eager to know more. Later in the afternoon I detailed it in another post. It went like this: The response I got was great. Many liked the post & several others commented to further encourage. Two days later Nadim started a group discussion. [Read More]

UoM Computer Club – Career & IT Fair 2014

The University of Mauritius Computer Club organized a Career & IT fair on 23rd and 24th April 2014. Ibraahim, president of the club, invited LUGM and MSCC. I liaised with other folks within the Linux User Group to present stuffs. Nadim, Pritvi, Ajay and Pawan answered the call for volunteers. On the first day I reached Octave Wiehé Auditorium (where the event was happening) around noon. In fact, Nadim called [Read More]

Corsair Hackers Reboot Preps + LUGM AGM

We’re now less than 1 week away from the Corsair Hackers Reboot. The past week was hectic on my end not being able to contribute much. However, Nadim did a great job by finishing the poster edits & getting the same printed. It was decided that Yesterday (Saturday 12 April), we should meet up at Flacq and stick some of the posters. Nadim, Ronny & I volunteered. I called [Read More]

Linux, video encoding

Finally all of LUGM Meetup videos are now on LUGM YouTube Channel. This was the first time “le me” trying video encoding. I had to do my little homework about encoders & all. I was initially baffled to see that each MOV file that Nadim gave me was above 1G in size. That would be too much to upload and I didn’t know if Youtube would accept MOV format. [Read More]

LUGM meetup - Presentations

We had one of the much awaited LUGM meetups today. This meetup comprised of two presentations: New features brought in OpenSSH v6.5, by Loganaden Velvindron What if .mu was in Mauritius?, by S. Moonesamy It was held at Ebène Accelerator, Orange Tower, Ebène. I reached earlier, got time to have my lunch and a while later Logan came. We were having a general chit-chat when Pawan came. He passed [Read More]

Corsair Hackers Reboot // Meetup

A few weeks ago, Nadim announced a LUGM meetup (facebook) dedicated to Corsair Hackers Reboot. The meetup happened yesterday at Fortune Way, Centre de Flacq. Actually in our first LUGM meetup this year, back in January, Mr. Kailash Madhub, owner of Fortune Way Shopping Mall, happened to be at Pizza Perfect while we were discussing location possibilities for Corsair Hackers Reboot. That’s when he suggested or rather sponsored us [Read More]

LUGM IRC Channel

Yes, I knew this IRC channel, since long. However, I joined in only a couple of times before. Yesterday, while I was kinda bored & was looking for something interesting/creative. I logged in & tweeted for others to pop in. A while later we had a small group of geeks joining the fun. It was great. In fact, we thought that it would be nice to have [Read More]

Creative madness!

Earlier today, Nilesh pinged me on facebook saying he’s getting an outburst of ideas and wants to try some video concepts. He asked me a couple of lines that he can use in a video. Now, this is what I like with creative geeks, they get some sporadically genius idea & knock your door to add your share of craziness. I penned down a few lines & sent him. [Read More]

Geek Team ethusiastic as ever

2014, and we had our first LUGM meetup. Nadim & I discussed it earlier on facebook and he proceeded with the event page creation. Didn’t know how many people might show up, so we set the location place to be Pizza Perfect. By Wednesday we had more than 20 people coming, I thus contacted Pizza Perfect & asked them to reserve three tables. Saturday comes & the day starts [Read More]

Linuxfest 2013 – Highlights

On the 7th October 2013 I sent the following message to LUGM’s mailing list. Hello folks,After several pings I finally got a date from the UoM Computer Club. They checked & double-checked with registrar and the only date they could get is 25th November. So … How about throwing a Linux party on that day @ Octave Wiehe Auditorium? During the past MSCC & LUGM meetups I’ve been talking [Read More]