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Stopping by the #RiSk[Solutions] hackathon

A few weeks ago, Ajay Ramjatan, the President of the Linux User Group of Mauritius sent the executive members an email about a hackathon. It's organized by the "Fonds francophone pour l’innovation numérique (FFIN)" with the collaboration of OTAM, MITIA and the Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation. It is... [Read More]

Ganga Talao

Like every year, we went to Ganga Talao on the first day of the year, that is yesterday. While it's certainly peaceful to spend the first hours praying with the family, it was not comfortable yesterday with the hot weather and the crowd. Looking from the top of the hill... [Read More]

Yet more doodles

Those who thought my [doodle craze]( is over, ahaaan, I’m yet to pester all of you with nonsense ideas that take form of images. Buahahaha! I’m getting my arsenal ready with GIMP, Inkscape, Xara and even Blender. You may run for shelter but I promise I will find you &... [Read More]

Catamaran outing

Some time around a month ago, Nilesh pinged me about a Catamaran outing. While I’m not much an outing person, the last few times I’ve been out with friends were great. Recall: [OBS Team Building]( & [Stay at Ambre Hotel]( Well, those were with my work colleagues. Nilesh has been... [Read More]

Sankoré Project & my 2 cents

Was having dinner & watching JT on MBC when something baffled me. Ministry of Education apparently is proud of the [Sankoré Project]( Wait… Did I just see a Std IV kid (9 yrs old most probably) talking about Facebook, Skype & Youtube? (/_^) I assumed the project should enable sharing... [Read More]

Operation desk clean-up

Festive season! Yeah … You get to see happy people everywhere. It’s fun & beautiful. However enjoyment does bring other stuffs as well, like house clean-up etc. Yesterday I was able to evade things by leaving home early and spending my day around Bagatelle working on a couple of stuffs... [Read More]
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X-Mas eve at Indra Cybercafé

It’s been customary since 2007 to spend Christmas eve at Indra Cybercafé. Oh! Why that & what’s Indra Cybercafé? It’s a business “project” I started in mid-2006 and was realised only in April 2007. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about the history of Indra Cybercafé here. So, like every... [Read More]
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Visiting Nadim’s office at Grand Baie

During the previous Linux meetup Nadim invited me to visit his workplace and meet his boss who’s also an open source advocate. While being on-call this week I am pretty free during day time. So, I grabbed this opportunity to visit them today. Their office is a short ride from... [Read More]
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Zim – Personal wiki

At work my colleagues & I, always scatter our notes in text files (yeah, though we don’t like it, we use Windows). Some even say, “Yay! Notepad is the future!” … When I first arrived at Orange Business Services and I heard this line I was like, “Oh Lord, where... [Read More]

Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

A few months ago I was contacted by Packt Publishing asking if I’d be willing to provide a technical review on one of their upcoming books. The title of the book was **Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux**. Of course I was willing to do it. Like that I was... [Read More]

The rape of democracy

I don’t usually write about political stuffs since I do not follow the heck all those parties are doing. Well … well … I pause for a while and look back, oh Lord, it’s a mess they have made this country. When the Government unveiled their **Rs 50M not-worth-it** website,... [Read More]

Fighting motion sickness

Wikipedia defines motion sickness as a condition in which a disagreement exists between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system’s sense of movement. To be specific, what your eyes see and what your senses perceive happen to disagree with each other. The brain thinks that either of them is “hallucinating”... [Read More]
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Food Lover’s Market Café & their Wi-Fi

If you want to limit access to your Wi-Fi, what is the first thing you do? Secure it of course. Now, what you do after securing? Don’t share the key with everyone of course. Then why do the Food Lover’s Market Café advertise their Wi-Fi key like noobs. If they... [Read More]
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Why I need pen & paper when I talk?

What a lovely Saturday with sunshine … blue sky and a couple of clouds wandering here & there. It started well. As I posted on my facebook wall last night, I went to Food Lover’s Market at Bagatelle around 13h00. While I was walking I saw Nitin Mutkawoa in the... [Read More]
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Why is coffee an aphrodisiac?

![](/img/2017/02/coffee-an-aphrodisiac.png) Usually when you have coffee at Mugg & Bean you get a small placemat under your cup with a “conversation starter”. See picture on the left. Yesterday I got one with the question “Why is Coffee an Aphrodisiac?” … Now, this is an interesting topic. I never really considered... [Read More]
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