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Internet of Things workshop

I was invited by Gavin Sathan, lecturer at the University of Mauritius (UoM), to attend a workshop on the Internet of Things. I reached UoM at around 09h10 and looked for a parking space, which is usually the hardest thing to do there. Luckily this morning there was plenty of... [Read More]

Sex in Mauritius

It would appear that sex is something of much fascination for my countrymen; i.e in Mauritius. Sex which is at the same time a taboo and a subject of jokes & enjoyment among both genders; gets all the limelight at the slightest mention of it. At least that is what... [Read More]

Why purple birds appear in my Facebook feeds?

My colleague, Nadim, asked me this morning whether I know why so many people are posting this weird "head banging" purple bird on Facebook? I answered "Nah, I don't" but I was just like him, wondering as much, what is this purple bird about? {: .center-img} ![Animated Trash Dove](/img/2017/02/animated-trash-dove.gif") Then... [Read More]

National Internet Filtering System

The topic might be sensitive and I believe some might even hide behind an oath of secrecy to escape questions. Nevertheless, the questions remain pertinent. Is the internet in Mauritius monitored? How is it done? What happens when suspicious traffic is detected? Do internet users in Mauritius understand cyber laws?... [Read More]

Internet filtering in Mauritius

Every other common Internet user in Mauritius to whom I asked whether he/she knew our Internet traffic is filtered by the ICT Authority, they replied NO! Some people have reacted with an outrage while others took it casually, like the Authority can do what it wants anyway. Maybe this docile... [Read More]

A new sexy Firefox

![](/img/2017/02/firefox-29.jpg) Ridiculously sexy (^^,) Yup! That’s what I’d call the latest Firefox web browser. Ridiculous because the UI isn’t new. It looks so similar to Chrome. Well, sexy because “she” is. The first noticeable features are the rounded-rectangular tabs & the menu (as in Chrome) on the right of the... [Read More]
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facebook password retrieve scam

I was having some boring moment typing a document when facebook blinged with me being tagged somewhere. A couple of minutes later another friend shares this status: >There is a nasty script out there. People will ask you to open development console and inject hex codes to retrieve facebook emails... [Read More]

WordPress theming

It’s been tossed as this month’s MSCC hot topic: **WordPress theming**. I’m not a professional web developer but I do enjoy tinkering with some HTML & PHP as time allows. In the last MSCC [meetup]( I grasped a couple of stuffs about Responsive Web Design (RWD). While I’m not much... [Read More]

Scam saga continues

I received an email today with the title “VACANCIES AT WESTBURY LUXURY HOTEL LONDON”. The content was like this: >THE WESTBURY HOTEL BOND STREET, MAYFAIR LONDON, W1S 2YF, United Kingdom Tel: +447024019627 >After contacting our affiliated job sites for job-seekers who are willing to work here in London, your... [Read More]
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LibreOffice – Save to Google Docs

I continued testing Linux Mint 15 this weekend. When it came to playing with LibreOffice Writer there was this plugin that enables you to save directly to your Google Drive account that I missed. In openSUSE 12.3 the plugin comes pre-installed. To install the same on Linux Mint 15 first... [Read More]

WordPress – Plugin installation without FTP

When installing plugins or upgrading a WordPress site it requires downloading some packages on the server. For this the wp-content folder must be writable by WordPress. Now when installing plugins WordPress will ask for the FTP credentials as follows (unless the direct method is specified): ![](/img/2017/02/wordpress-install-plugins.png) I’ve seen in versions... [Read More]

Simple way to use proxy with Google Chrome

When you use a web proxy your browser sends all requests to the proxy which acts as an intermediary between your browser and the web servers. This keeps you anonymous to the web servers. You can set the proxy in your browser’s settings. With Google Chrome the fastest way is... [Read More]

Download torrents like a boss

A couple of hours back I asked on Facebook, “Anyone out there who wants to learn how to download ‘things’ from the Internet? I mean direct-download and not the usual waiting thing from sharing sites neither using ‘local torrent clients’ that take days to complete …”. Response was awesome (:... [Read More]

JDownloader NIGHTLY build

![](/img/2017/02/JDownloader.png) If anybody out there needs a single-line solution to update JDownloader to the nightly build, well, here it is. Be on your JD installation path and execute : ``` java -jar jdupdate.jar -branch NIGHTLY ``` Update could take a while. [Read More]
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