Infotech 2013 – Day 4

The fourth day at Infotech 2013 was tiring indeed. Tired out of awesomeness! I initially thought I would not attend the last day and instead concentrate on the Linuxfest event. However, the great moments of Saturday changed my mind. The NCB team had been encouraging us a lot & I kinda felt bad not to go. Pawan, Pritvi, Nitin & I arrived at SVICC around 10h45. We left our gears [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 3

Oh! What a great day. It was a damn sunny morning but I liked the weather. Better be sunny & great than cold & lethargic. So, what was up in today’s list of activities? Firstly, going to University of Mauritius and meeting folks from the Computer Club. When I reached, Yunus was enjoying some loneliness at the entrance on Cafeteria. I greeted him and at the same time Darshini [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 2

Pawan & I reached SVICC at 12h30 after a long wait at R. Hill bus-stand. Since we were hungry we went directly to the food-court. I ordered a vegetarian Panini but was given a ‘chicken’ one. Oops! I realise that only after the first bite. Thought the day will go bad … I went back & asked them to replace it with a vegetarian one. It seemed that things got messed [Read More]

Infotech 2013 – Day 1

Last Saturday following some Infotech 2013 related discussions during MSCC meetup, I sent the team an email inquiring about the possibility of having a presentation slot for Linux & openSUSE Project. Monday morning I received a positive response and since then I’ve been in constant contact with the team via email & phone calls. Jochen, Nirvan and I were going to present our topics (the same that we have [Read More]