Ganga Talao

Like every year, we went to Ganga Talao on the first day of the year, that is yesterday. While it's certainly peaceful to spend the first hours praying with the family, it was not comfortable yesterday with the hot weather and the crowd. Looking from the top of the hill where Hanuman Mandir one gets a beautiful view of the lake. However, down the hill the picture speaks differently. Usually [Read More]

My 1 Jan 2014 – Ganga Talao, Mauritius

It’s been now 10 years since I visit Ganga Talao with the family on 1st January. The first time I went with some friends by bus … The year after I took family along and we went by taxi, then years later we had our own car. This year not having my car wasn’t an issue though, dad hired one. :-) Ganga Talao Started the day going to Indra [Read More]