Where to find the largest pizza in Mauritius?

We had a team lunch today and I was told that we'd go to a restaurant in Trou aux Biches, called Chez Marco. That's how the restaurant is mostly known in the region, while it's name is actually La Voglia Matta. The big happy moment came when we saw the size of the family pizza that we ordered. We took the "four cheese" and it was delicious! Now that you've [Read More]

Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba

Paneer was not much known in Mauritius when I was a kid. Over the years, the «Indian cheese» got very popular and can now be seen as served even during wedding dinners, receptions etc. Much of its popularity can be attributed to a growing population of vegetarians. Oh, and before I'm shot with questions, I'm saying that based on a «feeling» and no scientific study ? ... If you're in Mauritius and [Read More]

Lunch at Pirates Pizza

Work shifts have messed up my whole body-clock. I’m on the work shift of 11h00 – 20h00 after two weeks of normal schedule. Reaching mid-week I can feel my system going upside down. Ok, that being said, Avinash, Natasha & I, we went out for a late lunch today around 15h00. Short in ideas we opted for Pirates Pizza at Beau Bassin. Arriving there we ordered one large “Fromagère” and [Read More]

Lunch at Pizza Perfect

On week days during lunch I usually go to Bagatelle Mall or Pizza Perfect. In the region there (among Pizza Perfect, Panarottis & Food Lover’s Market) the best milkshake we’ve had is at Pizza Perfect. A vanilla milkshake with some ice cream, it’s just awesome. Today Nitin Bachraz wanted to have a milkshake. We went to Pizza Perfect and at 14h30 there’s usually no hussle-bussle. Orders [Read More]