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Why purple birds appear in my Facebook feeds?

My colleague, Nadim, asked me this morning whether I know why so many people are posting this weird "head banging" purple bird on Facebook? I answered "Nah, I don't" but I was just like him, wondering as much, what is this purple bird about? {: .center-img} ![Animated Trash Dove](/img/2017/02/animated-trash-dove.gif") Then... [Read More]

LUGM: Linux Magazine

Some time back while having a black coffee in the morning an evil idea lurked in my mind. I instantly posted about it on facebook. Folks were eager to know more. Later in the afternoon I detailed it in another post. It went like this: ![](/img/2017/02/lugm-mag-idea.png) The response I got... [Read More]

facebook password retrieve scam

I was having some boring moment typing a document when facebook blinged with me being tagged somewhere. A couple of minutes later another friend shares this status: >There is a nasty script out there. People will ask you to open development console and inject hex codes to retrieve facebook emails... [Read More]

facebook valentine nonsense

It’s 2014 and instead of people rising, I again am constantly faced with the bitter fact that people are yet still easy to fool. YES! I am talking of the Apps people use on facebook. Two days ago I posted a status saying anyone who sends me Valentine’s requests will... [Read More]

How to remove Facebook apps?

The Facebook rogue apps saga never ends. Since the past few days I’ve been constantly tagged in some ***Who has visited your profile thingy***. Yeah, you must have come across that in your feeds. I usually un-tag myself from the posts when I’m notified. This morning I pinged someone to... [Read More]
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Facebook scam, again…

I was about to write a review on openSUSE 13.1 Beta 1 today. However, something else caught my attention. On my facebook feeds I saw: >OU ENA 18ANS OU PLUS,,OUN ENVIE TRAVAIL DAN OU TEMPS LIBRE OU BIEN DAN OU LAKAZ MEM: TRAVAILLER A DOMICILE POUR UNE FIRME INTERNATIONAL BASEE... [Read More]
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Why some facebook profiles contain only the first name?

![](/img/2017/02/Facebook-Danger.jpg) A friend asked me the question today – Why some facebook profiles contain only the first name? Is that normal? I told my friend I’ll inquire and answer later. Now that inquiry is over … here’s my answer. Most people having only their first name shown on facebook have... [Read More]
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Facebook personal data analysis

Let’s continue the facebook saga. Have you ever imagined what’s your most used word on facebook? You may have a rough idea but I’m sure you never thought about that. You must however be aware of the recent debates over facebook privacy and all. Well, let’s take advantage of the... [Read More]
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Popular facebook spam

I sign in to my facebook account & my feeds show so many of my friends posting “spam”. Well, I know it’s not you guys but some crappy app to which you have granted authorization “unknowingly” at some time. Does the picture below look familiar to you? ![Facebook spam](/img/2017/02/facebook-spam.png) Many... [Read More]

Data entry jobs – Scams!

A while back I came across a link on Facebook that claims to pay people for data entries. I’ve seen a lot of such scams & many times people sharing those stuffs. Well, there could as well be some genuine businesses going out there, so how do we differentiate? Ok... [Read More]
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Get Facebook details without logging

![](/img/2017/02/facebook_logo-full-thumb.jpg) I installed a WordPress plugin to post on my FB wall on my behalf. Now, to be able to do this I needed an app that the WordPress plugin can trigger to post on the wall. I created a basic app and while configuring the same on WordPress it... [Read More]
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