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Yet more doodles

Those who thought my [doodle craze]( is over, ahaaan, I’m yet to pester all of you with nonsense ideas that take form of images. Buahahaha! I’m getting my arsenal ready with GIMP, Inkscape, Xara and even Blender. You may run for shelter but I promise I will find you &... [Read More]

What’s a doodle?

Ever attended a long “boring” presentation with a pen & notebook? Did you scribble stuffs that have nothing to do with the presentation? Good if you did, you’ve been doodling then. A doodle is an spontaneous drawing that one makes when the mind wanders from thought to thought. This often... [Read More]
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Freehand drawing

I needed something to focus on for some time. I looked around … Googled … Surfed … Read FB feeds … Read news … and after all that only 30 mins went by. Huh! I wasn’t bored. I just wanted to have something else in my mind. Then “dring” …... [Read More]
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