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The only valid measurement of code quality : WTFs/minute

Borrowed from the [MSCC library]( I started reading a book called “Clean Code”. The first person who talked about clean code with me was Jochen. The topic was really interesting and I was looking forward to learning more. Then obviously when I saw the book at the [MSCC meetup]( last... [Read More]

MATE Desktop presentation at the openSUSE Conference 2013

Stefano Karapetsas gave a fine presentation on MATE Desktop at the openSUSE Conference 2013. ![MATE Desktop](/img/2017/02/mate-desktop-screenshot.png) I took the liberty to document his presentation here. Stefano started with a brief introduction to the MATE Desktop. He explained how we should pronounce the word “MATE”. It’s actually derived from a species... [Read More]

Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus

I started reading [Functional JavaScript]( a few days back. It started with my quest for expanding knowledge of JavaScript and making out the most from the wonderful libraries/frameworks available on the web. ![](/img/2017/02/functional-javascript.jpg) The author, Michael Fogus, starts the book by giving a short introduction to Underscore.js which is a... [Read More]