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MySQL/MariaDB database daily backup

Yuram has shown some keen interest in Bash scripting recently. He even took the Bash Cookbook from me to enrich his knowledge. To keep the spirit I often ping him with small challenges. While having a coffee at work today we discussed about a script to backup my databases on... [Read More]

InnoDB Error Log File is of Different Size

I’m spending a lot of time on the Facebook group of openSUSE these days. Problems & issues that people post there actually keep me investigating; something I’ve been missing for some time. Today Artemio Stenio posted a MySQL issue he encountered. The screenshot he shared could not provide much information,... [Read More]
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MariaDB migration

![](/img/2017/02/Mariadb.png) I was first tipped on the MariaDB project by Ronny (my ex-manager). At that time to my surprise he even announced my name in the LUG mail list to do a MariaDB presentation. In short notice I had to research and prepare a couple of slides. So, that’s how... [Read More]

Oracle Database Startup / Shutdown

![](/img/2017/02/oracle_database_logo.png) With the new job, surrounded by Oracle/Sun servers, I had to be doing some basic database operations though I’m not a DBA. Certainly, I’m not fan of Oracle DB, but the basic commands for startup / shutdown come handy when you’re confronted with. The below described procedure is a... [Read More]