Sex in Mauritius

It would appear that sex is something of much fascination for my countrymen; i.e in Mauritius. Sex which is at the same time a taboo and a subject of jokes & enjoyment among both genders; gets all the limelight at the slightest mention of it. At least that is what I could gather from Facebook posts recently. The past few days my Facebook feed was flooded with references to [Read More]

Can a like or share on Facebook amount to Cybercrime?

Recently a "fake news" item flooded the Facebook feeds in Mauritius. The website which would dupe people in thinking it is Metro UK, published an article that said Miss Mauritius was arrested in the UK. Utterly false! The following is a statement by the Cybercrime Unit of the Mauritius Police Force: Du côté de la Cyber-crime Unit, une source officielle affirme que si Bessika Bucktawor fait une déposition formelle à [Read More]

Do the Cyber Crime investigators operate blindly in Mauritius?

While doing some internet-related search this evening I stumbled on the «Government Requests Reports» by Facebook. The report, as the name suggests, is a compilation of requests made by various governments around the world. The report updated in April 2016, which added requests made during the second half of 2015 does not feature Mauritius. Though Facebook has made it transparent as to how and under what conditions they may share [Read More]

Are Mauritians being duped into Ethical Hacking?

The term 'hacking' is lucrative and very often people wish to associate themselves with it as a skillset show-off. I recently read testimonials of Government officers on a Certified Ethical Hacker course by EC-Council. That pushed me to question whether Mauritians are being cheated into 'ethical hacking' because it seemed too obvious that the Government was naive enough to fall in this trap. Above are testimonials left by two Government [Read More]