Linuxfest 2013, mass mail...

Today while I had to send out emails to attendees of Linuxfest 2013, I sat down thinking of a way to mass-mail. The emails should display the name of attendees so that they may notify me if it’s mistyped. Sendmail and a bunch of command line utils could do the trick. What do I need in my arsenal? mailx, a Linux command line utility for sending and receiving mail. [Read More]

Microsoft Windows Command Line Cheat-Sheet

I can imagine my friends’ sarcastic smiles when they will read this post. Being an open source advocate I don’t often write about Microsoft Windows or other proprietary software. Well, during the day I had a discussion on facebook with Sacheetabye who was having trouble getting XAMPP to work on her Windows machine. I tried helping her through the various screenshots she sent me but it finally got solved [Read More]

find – explained through a screencast

I usually enjoy my Sunday doing something new, creative … like a few months back I started drawing. Then I paused but I think I’ll get back to drawing soon. Anyway, drawing will be for another Sunday. Since I re-installed openSUSE 12.3 with MATE on my laptop I haven’t installed all other applications that I usually use. So, I went on an apps-installation spree. While installing Audacity & [Read More]

Bootable Linux Pendrive

Many times I’ve seen people asking how to make a Linux bootable USB drive. These tools should be helpful if you’re running a Linux desktop already: – UNetbootin – USB ImageWriter However my favorite utility is dd. It’s usage is straight-forward by specifying an input file and an output file. The dd utility comes bundled in most modern Linux distributions. To create a bootable prendrive under Linux use the [Read More]

KDE: Trash has reached its maximum size

Ever came across an error in KDE saying “The trash has reached its maximum size! Cleanup the trash manually.” ? First check the metadata file from the trash folder to see if the size is consistent with its content. cat ~/.local/share/Trash/metadata If it’s not, then do: rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/* This will remove the following from the trash folder: – files – info – metadata Next time you delete [Read More]

xargs - command-line arguments

xargs is a nice utility that works in conjunction with pipes to construct argument lists and pass the same to other utilities. Here’s how I’d search and remove all HTML files: find . -name "*.html" -print | xargs rm -f [Read More]

Compile and install Linux kernel 3.9

Yesterday while still at work I read the latest Linux kernel had better support for SSD drives and all. I checked on and the latest build was for version 3.8.9 which I was already using. Back at home I thought let’s build it instead of waiting. The kernel building process is quite simple. It’s only compilation that takes time. First download the latest [Read More]

Send mail from command line

Ever needed to send a mail from the command line. It’s pretty simple (provided you already have a mail transfer agent running such as postfix or sendmail). echo “Type email content here” | mail -s “Your subject” -a attachement-filename.png Let’s say your account name on your PC is ‘user’ and machine name is ‘pc1’. The recipient will find the mail originating from something like user@ [Read More]

Change IP or DNS value in Windows from the Command Line

It was fun to see people complaining about slow internet (because of Mauritius Telecom) on Facebook today. It was even more fun watching geeks screaming change your DNS to google ( or and providing long instructions to achieve that. While I’m not a Windows guru and I don’t want to be one either … it hurts my soul though to see those [Read More]

dd to backup hard drive

A friend gave me his 10 yrs old broken laptop which he had kept among junk for years. He asked me if it was possible to retrieve his emails from the laptop. Obviously my answer was if the hard drive is still alive then “yes”. Now working on such old hardware (that have been exposed to dust or humidity for years) is sometimes risky as they can just “blast off” [Read More]