MSCC, Code & Coffee 2017

It's been a long time since I attended any Code & Coffee meetup by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community. As the Developers Conference is nearing, I stopped by Bagatelle Mall today to have a chit-chat about the conference with MSCC folks. In fact, I hit road early today, well I should rather say like every day, to drop my brother and Shelly to work. Since Monday it's been a pain [Read More]

New recruits joining the gang

Having an intervention later at night, I was free this morning. Great! I could use the time to attend MSCC meetup. When I reached Mugg & Bean, Jochen was there alone having tea. Greeted him and took a seat. Cool! He brought the books recently sponsored by O’Reilly. I took the Developing Business Intelligence Apps for Sharepoint and flipped a few pages. Then looked at the huge 1,500+ [Read More]

MSCC – Code & Coffee with geeks

One of the best things I adore with my current job is the shift. I get the flexibility of attending meetups like MSCC Code & Coffee. I wasn’t late this time, in fact, I reached first. Shortly after Jochen came and then Nitin. Both of them threw their first comments at my office look. Yes, I abide to the office dress code some times. :P Nirvan came a few [Read More]