Content filtering in Mauritius. Can Mauritians opt-out?

I've been doing some search regarding how Internet content is regulated in the UK. News articles from BBC and the Guardian indicate that customers can opt-out from Internet filtering at the ISP level. Meanwhile in Mauritius people do not even know that their web traffic is filtered. Content filtering in Mauritius is a never-heard topic. In May 2015 I wrote about Internet filtering in Mauritius. I contacted the ICT Authority [Read More]

Internet filtering in Mauritius

Every other common Internet user in Mauritius to whom I asked whether he/she knew our Internet traffic is filtered by the ICT Authority, they replied NO! Some people have reacted with an outrage while others took it casually, like the Authority can do what it wants anyway. Maybe this docile nature of Mauritius Internet Users have over the past years given the impression that just anything & everything will [Read More]