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Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

A few months ago I was contacted by Packt Publishing asking if I’d be willing to provide a technical review on one of their upcoming books. The title of the book was **Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux**. Of course I was willing to do it. Like that I was... [Read More]

Linux Malware Incident Response

Two days back I started reading **“Linux Malware Incident Response“**. It comprises of 134 pages which is perfect if you’re looking for some quick reading. The author introduces the topic by going in depth about malware incidents & investigation. He breaks down the same as 5 phases : 1. Forensic... [Read More]

The only valid measurement of code quality : WTFs/minute

Borrowed from the [MSCC library]( I started reading a book called “Clean Code”. The first person who talked about clean code with me was Jochen. The topic was really interesting and I was looking forward to learning more. Then obviously when I saw the book at the [MSCC meetup]( last... [Read More]

Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus

I started reading [Functional JavaScript]( a few days back. It started with my quest for expanding knowledge of JavaScript and making out the most from the wonderful libraries/frameworks available on the web. ![](/img/2017/02/functional-javascript.jpg) The author, Michael Fogus, starts the book by giving a short introduction to Underscore.js which is a... [Read More]

I found this blog today; it’s called [Bookshelf Porn]( ![](/img/2017/02/bookshelf.jpg) Looking at the above … I said : “Yes, creative human beings aren’t extinct yet!” The site describes itself as a photoblog that allows people to indulge their love for books, libraries, bookstores and bookcases etc. I must admit I... [Read More]
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The Debian Administrator’s Handbook

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook This is an awesome piece of work or you may also call it a nice companion for the aspiring Linux administrator. It starts from the basics of Debian and gradually deepens one’s knowledge in field of Linux administration. ![Debian Administrator's Handbook](/img/2017/02/front-cover-232x300.png) Written by two Debian developers... [Read More]