John O'Nolan talks about Ghost

A few weeks ago Humeira tweeted me to ask about a venue to host a small talk on Ghost. At first I thought about the University of Mauritius but lately I haven't met anyone from the Computer Club and I do not know whether they'd be able to host the talk on the university campus. I suggested she gets in touch with JoKi who might have a better idea. Indeed, [Read More]

I found this blog today; it’s called Bookshelf Porn. Looking at the above … I said : “Yes, creative human beings aren’t extinct yet!” The site describes itself as a photoblog that allows people to indulge their love for books, libraries, bookstores and bookcases etc. I must admit I loved the site instantly. The photos of book shelves are awesome. It’s like real paradise for people who love/adore [Read More]