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Enable mod_rewrite in Apache

I have been posting blog articles on Facebook for some time. The URLs do not look nice when the address finish with something like ?p=858. A web link such as []( is more readable than []( To get a human readable link you need to change the permalinks settings... [Read More]

Invalid command ‘SSLEngine’ – How to enable mod_ssl

If you’ve just set up apache and you try using the SSL feature, you’ll most probably get the following error: Invalid command ‘SSLEngine’, perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included This is caused by mod_ssl not being enabled. mod_ssl comes bundled with the apache-common package but it is... [Read More]
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LAMP in one command

![LAMP](/img/2017/02/lamp-mint.jpg) Ever wondered if you could install the LAMP stack (on Linux Mint/Ubuntu) with one simple command? One would say let’s do: ``` apt-get install php5 mysql-server apache2 ``` However, there’s a shorter way of accomplishing that. Try the following: ``` apt-get install lamp-server^ ``` Or if you like things... [Read More]