Spam in Mauritius. What does CERT-MU advise?

While government officers might still be struggling to learn to use email, it's ironic to see a bunch of companies getting into aggressive e-marketing campaigns. Spam! Yes, that is the word to use.

On 25 November 2015, I wrote to Dr Kaleem Usmani, Assistant Manager of CERT-MU, asking his advice on the provisions of law regarding unsolicited messages. I haven't receive any reply till now.

Since the past several weeks I received emails by companies like APC-Marketing, Inbox Marketing etc; promoting various products & services which are of no interest to me.

If I did not subscribe to your list, then I do not want to be a recipient of your mass email campaigns.


In particular, APC Marketing has been using different email addresses to send out spam, among which are,, and Are these companies breaking the law by spamming people? I await Dr Usmani's advice to write more :)

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