I was introduced to SolusOS by a colleague at work. That was a few months ago. I was very much impressed with the distribution; it was fast & responsive. SolusOS 1 was based on Debian. The project founder, Ikey Doherty, is also the mastermind behind LMDE. Shortly after, development of SolusOS 2 was announced. From time to time I checked their website to see what’s happening.

Last week SolusOS 2 Alpha 9 was released. I downloaded the ISO and tried a live session. I was impressed again. The project has gained quite some momentum. SolusOS 2 has been built from scratch. The team has done a great job building packages from ground up. To better test the distribition I installed it on a spare laptop (HP Compaq 6515b). The last few days I continued testing and reported bugs on SolusOS Infrastructure, their equivalent of Bugzilla.

SolusOS 2 has a sleek XFCE 4.10 desktop comprising of a shiny Whisker menu. However highlight of the project is the package manager. SolusOS 2 uses PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully as Intended), a package manager originally developed by Pardus. I used PiSi for the first time, it’s fast :) I like it.


If you’re trying SolusOS 2 and you’re updating the system, you might bump with a sudo error afterwards. This has been reported to SolusOS Infrastructure. The work-around is as follows:

Reboot your machine in single user mode and issue: /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G sudo username You will be able to sudo again. I love SolusOS already. More articles will show up as I explore the distribution.