If you wondered how you would say your name in Sanskrit?

Well… Let’s work at that. I’ll say my name is Ishwon, and here’s how it goes.

मम नाम इशवन:।
mama naama ishwonaha

mama = my
naama = name
ishwonaha = ishwon (or you could refer as ‘is ishwon’)

Now, if you want to ask the person in front his/her name; you would do so as follows:

To a guy you would ask,

भवत: नाम किम्।
Bhavataha naama kim

bhavataha = your
naama = name
kim = what

To a girl you would ask,

भवत्या: नाम किम्।
Bhavatyaaha naama kim

bhavatyaaha = your
naama = name
kim = what