Say your name in Sanskrit

If you wondered how you would say your name in Sanskrit?

Well… Let’s work at that. I’ll say my name is Ishwon, and here’s how it goes.

मम नाम इशवन:।
mama naama ishwonaha

mama = my
naama = name
ishwonaha = ishwon (or you could refer as ‘is ishwon’)

Now, if you want to ask the person in front his/her name; you would do so as follows:

To a guy you would ask,

भवत: नाम किम्।
Bhavataha naama kim

bhavataha = your
naama = name
kim = what

To a girl you would ask,

भवत्या: नाम किम्।
Bhavatyaaha naama kim

bhavatyaaha = your
naama = name
kim = what

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