Zim – Personal wiki

October 21, 2013
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At work my colleagues & I, always scatter our notes in text files (yeah, though we don’t like it, we use Windows). Some even say, “Yay! Notepad is the future!” … When I first arrived at Orange Business Services and I heard this line I was like, “Oh Lord, where am I teleported?” … Well, long story cut short, last week Thiery (OBS colleague) showed me a nice tool that I can use to organize a personal wiki on the desktop. It’s called Zim.

Zim - Personal Wiki

The application written in Python & released under GNU GPL. I’ve started using it as both a note-taking app & wiki.

Install it under Ubuntu\Linux Mint as follows:

sudo apt-get install zim

Zim is also available for openSUSE.

…and here’s how I use Zim at work (yes, it’s running on Win XP).

Thanks to Thiery, my colleague at Orange Business Services, for sharing some of his notes.

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