Why you put a hole in it?

November 27, 2014

Yesterday the MNIC Project Director gave a statement in press1 that the « dot punched » old ID Cards are still valid as there is nothing stipulated in the laws on that matter.

I find it unprofessional for someone to make such public statements while on the (MNIC) Facebook profile it’s mentioned clearly the reason being to invalidate the old card.


Therefore hiding behind the law after doing mistakes could be the lamest of things. I’d expect people who are advisors to the State be more responsible, accept mistakes when they happen & fix them rather than playing dumb (ref: as in “I don’t know, I can’t say”).

On this same occasion I’d like to reiterate that during court proceedings, the same advisor to the MNIC Project mentioned that he is not aware of the Biometric ID Card Project of UK. Yet, he advised our Government on the matter. Well, experts they say.

[1] Le PM utilisant l’ancienne ID Card pour le Nomination Day: une plainte déposée à la police