Why I need pen & paper when I talk?

September 7, 2013

What a lovely Saturday with sunshine … blue sky and a couple of clouds wandering here & there. It started well.

As I posted on my facebook wall last night, I went to Food Lover’s Market at Bagatelle around 13h00. While I was walking I saw Nitin Mutkawoa in the parking lot. I waived at him and we both went to Hobby World to find a sketch pad which I needed. People call that a sketch pad but I use it as a mind-mapping tool. When I talk or do presentations I usually keep a plain white paper and note down stuffs. Well … I do not take notes from my own presentations but I need pointers in time to remember where I was. Usually when I switch topic while talking I tend to forget the previous topic or the actual context. In my own experimental world I call that a temporary blackout. It also happens when people shoot random questions at me, I’m like, “Uummhhh … oook, give me a sec, I’ll think & tell you” …

I usually buy stationery at Hobby World. They got some great quality. However today I could not find a sketch pad that would fit in my laptop sleeve. We then went to check the same at InterMart. Pfff! InterMart had none! Either all of their sketch pads were sold out or they do not bother put those on their shelves. We checked at Pick n Pay as well but they did not have good ones and again it would not fit my laptop sleeve.

So, we came back to Hobby World and I bought an A4 notebook instead.

When we reached Food Lover’s Market Jochen was there sitting with his two beautiful kids.

Great! It wasn’t such a bad idea to shoot a geek chat meetup right on the eve. I wasn’t alone. We ordered for some food & drinks and the conversation was on.

Now I’m back home at 17h00 typing this blog post and that was a nice Saturday afternoon.

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