Why haven't police officers returned my laptops yet?

December 3, 2016

On the third day of Infotech last year I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad E440. I always wanted to own one but sadly ThinkPads are not often sold in the local computer shops; if they do they might only have expensive models.

My first ThinkPad means a lot to me. In fact, I bought it with my first salary at La Sentinelle. At the time when I bought it, I still had a dilemma whether I should go for the cash payment, whether I really needed to buy it, etc… But Shelly, then my fiancee (now wife), convinced me. She read the happiness on my face. Yeah, she always does that. ?

Then in January of 2016, some officers of the Mauritius Police Force appeared with a warrant to search my house and seized all my computer equipment, including my ThinkPad. The rest of the story is known to most who read my blog.

Days later I was cleared of all allegations that police held against me. The Director of Public Prosecutions said there was no case to answer in Court. Police had no evidence, although the ACP who headed the CCID crime branch back then claimed that police would never arrest anybody without evidence.

Till today neither police, nor the person who boasted on the national TV, have come forward with an ounce of evidence.

Sadly, police do arrest people without evidence! Police do lie in court even after taking oath to speak the truth. Police have no guilt, no shame and no remorse over their mistakes.

It will soon be one year since the police officers have seized my ThinkPad, among other computer devices, and they have not returned me the same. When I contacted the CCID Cybercrime Dept after charges against me were dropped, I was told that the ACP wasn’t agreeing to return my devices. It looked more like an ego issue, than anything professional. When the press contacted the CCID Cybercrime Dept, they were told that police intends to hire a foreign expert for forensic investigation on my devices.

Nearly one year later, where are the reports about my laptops? Did police really hire a foreign expert or it was yet another lie?

As I say, the police officers have no remorse, no guilt and no sense of responsibility when their mistakes affect the lives of people. ?

As a common man, it appears that, the only way one would get justice is by spending more money in legal procedures to recover what one already owns, all while one’s innocence hasn’t stop to prevail.